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Pirate Problems

Story Emits

The reason for House Seraceni's proclamation becomes more clear as details emerge of a battle with pirates in waters near Ischia. The scions of Ischia and the Ladies Joslyn and Iseulet engaged the pirtate clan Darkcrow in a blitz attack. Despite difficult odds, they performed admirably and with distinction, as the corsair Captain Malika led the Seraceni to a decisive victory. One of the galleys will need repairs, and one of the enemy galleys while banged up was also claimed as a prize. Lord Faruq landed on the beach and pushed the soldiers under his command onward to crush the enemy's counter-assault. Through his excellent leadership and strong command of battle he succeeded and challenged the enemy leaders in single combat. Of the three, he never faltered and enjoyed the challenge. Lady Joslyn claimed the prize in question and eliminated the enemy Captain and first mate. Both of whom were experienced reavers and fell beneath her emerald blade. Starra Serrano led the scouts and ambushed the enemy, doing what the Reaper of Ischia does and dispatching them before they even knew what hit them and clearing the mountain path. Lady Appolonia's knowledge of the unknown managed to come in handy avert an otherwise uncomfortable breach of etiquette and ritual. Lady Iseulet managed to not only succeed on the impossible challenge of gaining entry to parley with the dread pirate Lord of the Darkcrows who was an old man but cunning and ruthless. She never faltered when he insulted her and spat on her offer. Nor when his own son seized power with a dagger to the throat and a change of reign. Rather than face outright destruction the Darkcrows had no choice but to bend the knee to House Seraceni.