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None Greater Than

Story Emits

A ship returns to the port in Arx and a somber delegation disembarks. High Lord Victus, Princess-Consort Alarissa, Princess Coraline, Lord Arik, Prince Luca and Princess Marian walk down the gangplank. With them are two bodies - Prince Barric Grayson and Lord Valerio Mazetti rest on wooden planks, carried by their companions off the ship. Rumors fly - they left on a mission of mercy, a rescue mission. And though they were successful it was not without great cost. They say Lord Valerio died standing between Lord Arik and danger, selflessly giving his life that his companion could live. Rumor has it he saw the Shining Lands as he died, and his final words were a greeting to his long-dead, beloved wife. And Prince Barric? Beset by controversy and rumor, it is said he was firm in the face of danger, courageous against the evils of the abyss (surely that is hyperbole, but the peole nod anyway because it makes a better story), and that his final words were to confirm his loyalty and love for his family. "None Greater Than Grayson," he said as he fell.