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There'll Be Sad Songs

Story Emits

It was a dark and stormy... no, wait. It was a beautiful, starry night, and the seas were glorious with a wind carrying a fleet of ships from a place sailors call the Isle of Storms. The only storm that night was around the island, and the fleet of explorer ships were sailing away in the darkness. The sailors themselves worked with wax stuffed in their ears, for this was a superstition and a custom for those who had sailed these waters before. And yet one figure stood at the rail transfixed as the most beautiful music drifted over the ship. The sailors, unhearing, worked on all unconcerned, but when Countess Titania Fireviper heard that music she seemed transformed. Faster than anyone could have stopped her, she dove over the rail and into the water - and was not seen again. Until the morning, no one even knew she was gone.