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Primum non nocere pt III

Story Emits

The Great Galinius Roderic is a fraud. After numerous interrupted shows in which the great alchemist was heckled by Master Physicians Godric Stewart and Meriah Gascoigne, Princess Coraline Thrax, Lady Lethe Tyde, Wolf Scout Rowenova and Goodwoman Sheena Coldrain, there was finally an encounter that revealed the ugly truth: Galinius was a puppet, under the influence of and abused by his assistants, Abdrial and Mordo. Much of the ointments and tonics were legitimate and unremarkable curealls, aided by a famous name to enhance their potency. Some were utter snake oil, but the real trick was the Devil's Breath, a curious powder that rendered those dosed into a highly suggestable state which was abused to con them out of money and jewelry. Mordo escaped, only to be tracked down when he started a riot in the Upper Boroughs to cover his flight. He was captured by Auda, Aksel, Rowenova, Sheena and Coraline who recovered the trove of stolen money and items. The Iron Guard is going to have a hell of a time returning things to their rightful owners.