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Pirate Problems II

Story Emits

Word spreads like wildfire about the ongoing conflict in the southeastern seas. House Seraceni's declaration of war upon the nearby Abandoned Pirates was not a hollow one. They engaged the Red Sails with the aid of notables like Princess Coraline Thrax, Lady Iseulet Blackshore, Mistress Nijah, The Reaper of Ischia, Sir Merek, Lady Viviana and managed to bring back yet another victory. After it was revealed that the Siren and her brethren are distant blood relatives of the Seraceni discussion went under way and several claims were maid. Claims of being framed by the Seraceni vassal who pointed the finger at the Siren of Redwater Cove. Further inquiry will be required to know the truth for certain, as no one likes to think that a member of the Peerage would do something so dishonorable. Eventually an accord was reached but it wouldn't have been possible without Gianna Whisper, whose voice enchanted even sirens. Nobles and commoners alike see this as testament that the Whisper House and the Empyrean can indeed work well together, even if they may have similar talents each shines bright like stars in the night sky.