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As Arx Endures

Story Emits

Over time, even the best memories shift. The Hall of Heroes is not proof against that. And the statues in the main hall have become faded over time. It's of particular note now, because Princess Sorrel Thrax has created the Metallic Cycle, a series of songs about various heroes and legends from the Metallic Order. As the songs spread - first in Arx, and then throughout the Compact - people tell the tales of their one trip to Arx, and of standing in the Hall of Heroes. Of reaching out and touching the statue of Gold, or Iron. Of reading the plaque that commemorated Silver, called Aglow. Of the wonder they felt as they stood in that great hall. As they stood among legends.

But as memories fade over time these legends were faded too - the statues worn in places with touches over the stone, the words carved into the pedestals not always legible. The thoughts more of the morals therein, the examples - and less on the people who sacrificed their lives in these ways. But the Metallic Cycle has changed that. The songs are on everyone's lips.

And then one night just after days of endless rain are finally at an end, in the darkest part of the night the sky suddenly lights up, brilliant as though the sun rose all at once. It shines for a brief moment - a heartbeat, then another, then another still. And then the darkness returns, and the stars - the brilliant, beautiful stars shine down.

And in the morning, every statue in the hall of heroes is polished and pristine. Every plaque is perfect. As though each one were just made anew. And a new statue appears in the Main Hall - Copper, Beacon of Hope stands at last with her fellows. And above the entrance to the Hall of Heroes carved into the stone arch, are the words: As Arx Endures, We Shall Remember.