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Another Beautiful Night

Story Emits

In the early evening of 12/9/1010, the Iron Guard dockside patrol notices a trail of blood down at the docks (which isn't as rare an occurrence as one might hope for the docks). This leads them to check the Bullshark of Setarco, the ship of Alrec Magaldi who serves as the Admiral of Setarco. On the deserted ship, they find the badly mutiliated body of Alrec, stabbed dozens of time, and showing signs of torture.
On the heels of Admiral Migaldi's death being made known, more news from the Pravus military makes its way to the city of Arx. A galley flying the banner of House Pravus returns to the docks under the command of Ari Corsetina, fresh from following orders of the Iron Kraken. Ari Corsetina, Harlex Valtyr, and Ahriman Grayson (the latter looking far worse for the wear) are among those who disembark from the well as a number of former slaves that are freed to find their families and their livlihoods once more. Stories spread of how a squad of the Black Fleet pinned in a tribe of Shav'arvani slavers, and how Ahriman and Harlex lead the ground forces that penetrated the slavers' stronghold and overthrew an enclave of Sons of the Centipede to free the captives found inside.