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Ex Mari

Story Emits

Chaos erupted at the Lowers as an unknown ship, flying no identifying heraldry or colors crashed into the Docks. The flaming ship ignited several barrels of cooking oil that had been stacked, ready to be transfered to a cargo hold. The resulting impact and fire caused a massive amount of damage and several severe injuries.

The swift thinking of Sir Calaudrin Estardes, Lord Ian Kennex, Sister Estelle Blackram, Juniper and Lady Acantha Clearlake as well as the astute calculations of Salvador Costello saw a majority of the civilians on the docks evacuated before impact. With Marquesssa Cambria Mazetti, Raymesin, Lady Arcadia Leary, Lady Thea Malvici, Lord Rysen Crovane and others selflessly braving the flames to pull the injured from danger, those harmed in the incident were quickly triaged by a group of healers, organized by Rukhnis and aided by Juniper and Sister Estelle. Dame Irisa excerised some quick thinking, pushing the remaining oil barrels into the river to keep more fuel from being added to the fire, while Lords Ian and Rysen dove into the water to rescue those thrown into the icy river water. Countess Mikani Byrne and Sir Merek Black were the first to board the flaming ship, Mikani assisting in reducing the impact made, and Merek locating several sick members of the crew and valiantly working to rescue them. Lord Ahmar Nightgold was not to be outdone, bording the ship as well, stumbling into not one, but three treasure chests, as well as another 20 sick members of the crew. Working together, the crew was saved, but the caravel was lost, due to excessive fire damage and eventually taking on enough water to sink the ship.

There's some consternation that the gardens in the Sanctum of Genesis, which had begun to come alive again as the winter draws to a close, have withered and died overnight. All the vegetation from sanctum to the Shrine of Gloria has turned completely black, and the firepit in the center of the Shrine has been covered in ice. Too bad for the Disciples who maintain it, but the winter has been fairly cold, after all.