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Up the Wrong Tree

Story Emits

The Shrine of Gloria had recently had vegetation die, and had been blocked off by Templars, which made the discovery of a tree laying in it all the more perplexing. In what many in Arx consider a bizarre prank, it appears that a tree has been dropped in the Shrine of Gloria. Most believe that some hooligans must have distracted the templars and dragged the thirty foot long tree in there, but a few dust addicted individuals are trying to create trouble by spreading wild tales of it bursting from the floor and injuring someone named Amund that was praying.

In completely unrelated tree-news, roads to House Moore's lands at Acorn Hill are completely impassable and overgrown, and no one has heard from anyone in House Moore in some time. While some remark Spring is coming early this year, others blame Abandoned trying to strike back at the Great Road by trying to drop barricades that look like overgrowth to impede the Compact.