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Ex Mari II

Story Emits

Things at the Saving Grace Hospital have been fairly grim. With thirty refugees, none of whom speak Arvani shockingly, and several of the first responders falling ill from the same mysterious illness, things have been tense. The first to perish was a young woman by the name of Alya al-Naib. Gannel bin-Ramal nearly died, and whispers from the Hospital call his recovery near miraculous. The miracle did not last, however, as more and more of the refugees perished. Twelve, in total, lost their lives before a treatment plan was refined. Through the hard work and dedication of Lady Thea Malvici, Physician Rukhnis al-Katibi, Mother Mercy Sophie Valardin, Master Apothecary Jacali, Marquessa Reigna Keaton, Cerdensulathara, Sir Merek Black, Sister Estelle Blackram, Lady Emily Deepwood, Lord Corbit Leary, Lady Mabelle Laurent and Healer Viveka Llyr were able to come up with a way to treat this ailment successfully, and through the quarantine called, prevented the spread of this illness throughout Arx. Those who are ill are not wholly out of the woods yet, and will likely spend the next week or so in recovery, but there is hope again, and the mood within the hospital is growing more confident.