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Imperial Priorities

Emissary Zulana's attentions turn somewhere other than Arx, and the Imperial presence in the Compact decreases notably...

Story Emits

There's a stir down at the docks as unfamiliar sails are spotted down the river; two ships in the same style and with the same fan-like folding sails as Emissary Zulana's flagship, the Ordered Path. But though they dwarf Arvani vessels, the two Imperial newcomers are themselves dwarfed by the gargantuan Ordered Path.

As the crowds watch from the shore, the two newcomers anchor themselves near the immense flagship. Two wooden stairways are placed set out, making it possible for Imperial personnel to shift themselves -- and what appears to be some gear -- from the Ordered Path to the new arrivals. This goes on for a while, as quite a few personnel make their move.

The very last figure to descend the stairs to one of the ships is Emissary Zulana herself; the stairs are promptly withdrawn, and the two new Imperial vessels immediately head back down the river, out towards open water once more.

The Ordered Path -- and an Imperial presence -- remains in the harbor, but it seems the Emissary has business elsewhere to attend to.