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Stormy Weather

Story Emits

The Seawatch Gate is usually a quiet post. Not this evening, though. A torrential downpour sweeps through the city, with thunder and lightning booming loud enough that it seems to shake the foundation of the ground itself. The walls tremble, and those alert on the Seawatch Gate look at each other in fear and immediately go to investigate. What they find is awful - a piece of the wall has crumbled and fallen, rocks everywhere spilling into a narrow alley. And four figure have crawled to safety - Marquessa Reigna Keaton, Duchess Delilah Shepherd, Dame Ida Ferron, and Princess Sorrel Thrax. Injured and bloody, the guards carefully bear them to the Mercies for treatment, and begin the work to assess the damage of whatever shook the walls so hard as to have some of it crumbling.