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Karadoc's Goodnight

Story Emits

It was one of those perfect spring days, where everything is going just right. The Tessere family had scheduled an evening cruise along the coastline and things were going, well, perfectly. The sea was calm, the boat was luxurious. The thirteenth course had just begun when Cosimos noted that those picturesque dolphins were not dolphins, and several of the crew members seemed off. When Nurie and Karadoc noted that the ship was off course, the ruse was up and the mercenaries that had been holding the Captain's son hostage gave up all pretense of this being a pleasure cruise. The Captain was murdered in front of his son, and the boy would have met the same fate, if Count Karadoc Tessere had not valiantly placed himself between the boy and danger, losing his life in the process. Countess Sabine was able to rally the crew and the mercenaries were defeated -- but at what cost?