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Volkov Woods

Story Emits

The noble family of House Volkov had returned to their castle at Volkov Woods to hold a meeting that supposedly had something to do with the death of Lord Syd Volkov, but weeks stretch on with no sign of House Volkov returning to Arx. Eventually word reaches the city from merchants traveling on the Great Road that Volkov Wood has been completely destroyed, with the noble family massacred. None of the noble family survived, and it's unclear at present who is responsible, but rumors spread among the prodigal populace that House Volkov's former vassals have broken fealty with the Compact and returned to being Abandoned once more. There are whispers that the attack on Volkov Wood was from some powerful Abandoned clan wishing to make a point about bending the knee to the Compact, and wanting to make an example of them.

Alarmingly, no Fidante or Tessere riders on patrols near Tor or Fortezza di Iriscal have seen any significant military forces near their lands, nor has there been any noticeable movements on roads near Artshall, causing arguments among military minds about just how the attack was possible.