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The Battle of Last Oak

Story Emits

Details are scarce, but word reaches Arx of a major battle in the Greenwood between some Compact forces led by House Greenmarch and two rival Abandoned groups. The raiding Abandoned forces were defeated at a place called Last Oak, an ancestral burial ground for House Greenmarch, and the Abandoned tribe that fought alongside of the Compact then offered to bend the knee. Oddly, they offered to bend the knee to Marquessa Mia Riven, which causes a great degree of consternation among Peers- it's highly irregular after all for Abandoned to bend the knee to begin with, really, despite recent events, but over a great geographic distance? That's just foolishness. They imagine it'll all get sorted out, and maybe the vassals will travel over to the Twainfort or some such, but it's quite odd, and some traditionalists tut tut over the lack of practicality shown by some of the newer peers. Well, it's probably nothing to be concerned about in the long run, really.
Following the Battle of Last Oak, the already extraordinarily rare dragonweep becomes nearly non-existent on the market. The prices for it dramatically increase, and no one is quite sure why the supply for it has nearly dried up entirely.