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Saffron Storms

Story Emits

The battered forces of Houses Grimhall and Pravus return to Arvum after months deeply entrenched in the Saffron Chains in the pursuit of slave rings and destroying massive operations dedicated to binding human beings into servitude to Eurusi-affiliated slavers. Rumor has it that despite the first great victories, the host soon found itself engaged in battle with the strange forces of the Saffron Chains, and whatever happened then seems to have marked the soldiers of both Houses.

The crusade led by Iron Kraken of Pravus, and supported by Duke Valdemar Grimhall, Baron Edward Stormbreak and Sparte was certainly successful, even if the Saffron Chains left their mark. As they return home, reports state there was little cheering from the troops despite the roaring applause from crowds, thousands of now-freed men and women of the Chains disembarking with them, all souls saved from slavery by the selfless act from the Peers of the Compact.

This is something neither the nobles leading the mission, their armies or the ones they have freed are likely to forget anytime soon, but the Peerage seems excited for what they have done.

Although the Titan of Setarco rises above the sea, welcoming sailors and visitors to the Silken City and capturing the imagination of hundreds of thousands every year, now it can no longer claim dominance of the skyline as on top of Verona Hill now rises the Great Palace of Pravus, a wonder in on itself. As the bronzed simulacrum of Archduchess Procella Pravus dances in the waters of the Drowned Bay, the thirteen spires of the Great Palace rise towards the sky, crowning the isle of Setara with yet another wonder the world will not soon forget.