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Sing A Song of Sixpence

Story Emits

Discreetly, bodies have been removed from Inqusition holding cells, rumored to, possibly, be the nobles held since the murder of a number of Scholars of Vellichor. That alone is alarming. Yet, even more disturbingly, further rumors state that these prisoners died by their own hand, often before witnesses such as guards, lawyers, even their own families. While some nobles are grumbling a bit, the fact that many of these incidents were performed in front of impartial witnesses, some of which would even be considered hostile to the Inqusition, seems to cool much of the outrage that might be expected. It's a scandal, but one spoken of in hushed whispers and concerned glances rather than shouted from the roof tops. Answers are expected to be forthcoming but, at least for the moment, most aren't blaming the Inquisition directly. Yet.