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Saffron Storms II

Story Emits

There has been significant warring in the Saffron Chain over the past several years by House Pravus, as the powerful duchy has tried to exert more and more influence over the region. But following the recent announcements at the Assembly of Peers, House Pravus has formally established a significant holding on the isle of Visonis in the Saffron Chain. Using land claimed on Visonis from House Tortorici and other Abandoned clans that have bent the knee and become prodigals, the bloody conquests by Pravus and its allies in the Saffron Chain has allowed them a toehold. The newly budding city-state of Pieros is a significant military outpost providing a base of operations for the Pravosi forces, and many Peers of the Realm imagine it will turn into a major trading hub if the Pravosi conquest proceeds as planned.

The Saffron Chain may finally fall under the banners of the Compact of Arvum, which has profoundly mixed reactions all throughout the citizens of the Compact.