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The Strange Case of Orathy Culler

Story Emits

It seems, for all intents and purposes, one Orathy Culler has vanished.

Now, for people in, say, the Iron Guard, this poses no undue problem. Crime is down. Sources that may have been working both sides are suddenly giving better information. And there is a particularly large file that the Master of Questions now moves to a completely different filing cabinet.

For many in the Lowers, this is also something that brings a sigh of relief. He was a big man, a hard man, and many feared getting up close and personal with the brute. It's not that the Lowers are any safer than they were - but they're safer from this particular menace.

For the Cullers, especially for River, this is more painful. He was family, and they remember not just the terrifying times but the hilarious ones too. He was, after all, not afraid of playing the fool from time to time for sheer amusement value. And so they search for him, and they turn up two pieces of strange information. First, after he was last seen in public - leaving his home, incidentally - there is no one else who can tell where he was or what he was doing. And second, everything he carried with him is gone as well. Nothing on the black market. Nothing fenced, nothing of his passed off as "an old family heirloom."

Whether he's gone by choice or not is impossible to say, but certainly he left no trace at all.