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Plaza of Fetters

Crisis Updates

There's a surprisingly large uptick of Eurusi ships arriving throughout Arvum, even before the news of the Battle of Pieros arrives. There's never been very many Eurusi at all, and they've always been a rare sight throughout the Compact, with travel between the two continents considered extremely perilous. Following the Battle of Pieros, there's a large uptick in arrivals with many fleeing the fighting in the Dune Kingdoms, and some of the tales of Skal'daja are a source of alarm throughout Arx.

Word of the Battle of Pieros reached Skal'daja some time before it reached Arx, surprisingly, and the reaction in the City of Chains was extreme. Over a hundred thousand freeman, nobles and slaves were gathered in the Plaza of Fetters to hear the words of Grand Vizier Rayik'uhl'daja, who addressed the massive throngs gathered in that city of well over a million. Wearing the Golden Chain of Rule, the Grand Vizier declared that the 'Arvani will be chastened', and with the permission of the Dune Emperor, he was dispatching a fleet towards 'the savages of the West who dare meddle with the Church of the Lash'. The eurusi refugees report that Prince Damik'uhl'daja was given the command and immediately impressed thousands of sailors into service, and had already started sailing west with a fleet of 30 caravels and several hundred smaller classes of ships.

The fleet is said to be sailing towards Sungreet at Farmorn point, the holding of House Helianthus. Ostensibly, the purpose of the Skal'dajan fleet is diplomatic to 'demand redress', and the Duke of Sungreet has already announced he would allow the Eurusi to arrive.

Seraph Waldo Bellerive of Sungreet was said to be encouraging this meeting to 'give peace a chance', to the horror of many in the Faith.