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Wilds of Arvum

Story Emits

It's important to take into context the recent push by Dame Leola Allenatore and the many helping her to establish Lodges of Petrichor throughout the Compact. Arvum is a land that's been devastated by near total collapses of civilization at least three times, with the destruction wrought by the Reckoning, then the genocidal Elven War that nearly saw the Compact wiped out, and the complete destruction of many houses and their lands in the Crownbreaker Wars. It's been a so climb to recover from those through many generations, with Abandoned often holding complete dominion over places far from the walls of the Compact cities, and fighting along their roads.

The Leolan Lodges come at a time when domains of the Compact are trying to restablish control over their wild places, and foreign powers in the form of Cardia, Jadairal and Eurus take a keen interest in an Arvum that is rising. It's a time of a more powerful Arvum, but one that stands at a precipice with numerous forces all wishing to see which way Arvum will fall.