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The Power of Hope

Story Emits

Reports slowly start to trickle in from various parts of the Compact about strange occurances.

In several places in the Oathlands, the Lyceum, and the North, wild overgrowths of vines that had threatened not just crops and livestock, but also the very lives of villagers across these lands, seem to retreat overnight, leaving fresh, fertile soil in their wake.

A surprise attack on Last Oak by a tribe of what many are murmuring were particularly brutal shavs is stopped in its tracks. The shavs simply halted their advance, blinking in shock and surprise. Several of the defenders report hearing it said amongst those that retreated, "Juniper Godsworn did this."

A caravan traveling in the Crownlands near the abandoned Harrow Hall survives when the attackers just stop and leave. They murmur the same thing as they retreat back into the forests surrounding the trail, "Juniper Godsworn did this."

None of the reports can explain why or how, but somehow, the very name of Juniper Godsworn has saved many from brutal shav attacks and appears to have taken care of a rather pesky agricultural problem. Strange.