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Down the Granato Grapevine

Story Emits

There's a flurry of strange rumors about how a small group of people apparently foiled some sort of attack meant for the city of Granato. Details are sparse to non-existent, and most of those who hear it dismiss it as laughably exaggerated, particularly when they learn that many of those involved aren't even known for any kind of combat prowess. Even so, it's clear something happened out there, and Sir Corban Telmar, Dame Imi Deadfall, Lady Brianna Halfshav, Sir Austen Ferron, Princess Sorrel Thrax, Lady Eirene Malvici, Marquessa Mia Riven, Marquis Thesarin Riven, Princess Gwenna Redrain, and Duchess Delilah Shepherd are all credited with being a part of it in some way. It's likely the sheer weight of these names is what's driving all the talk.