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A Song of Freedom

Story Emits

Princess Sorrel Thrax is known throughout the Compact as one of Arvum's greatest singers, but she may well have outdone herself with her latest performance. By all accounts it was a fantastic affair featuring effects that stunned the audience, leaving many in disbelief at the wonders that the Bard's College can conjure.

The performance, while impressive all on its own, seemed to have far-reaching effects. Knights of Solace have reported a number of traumatized Shav refugees evidently fleeing some cult with a 'horned' chieftain apparently referring to her song as inspiration to pledge themselves to the Compact, though it's confusing how they could have heard it so quickly.

Sadly, not all news is good. Pravus is in mourning at the shocking news of the brutal murder of Princess Arianna Pravus, whose body was found in an alley surrounded by that of a dozen assailants. Her assassins were dressed in the garb of Skal'daja.