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Well, That Happened

Story Emits

Averet Gyrard wasn't exactly the most well liked merchant in the city. Less so, since the appearance of the strange whirlpool blocking the harbor, as, of all the merchants who have understandably raised their prices, his price hikes have been near the highest. So it's not entirely surprising when he's found dead in his home, his belongings ransacked. No one's all that upset about it, really.

No, the only reason rumors about his death start getting passed around is simply the method of the murder. Averet's neck was broken, and his head largely bashed in--certainly all things to be expected from whatever violent thug killed him--but there was a rather deep, merchant-head-shaped hole in the ceiling. It looks as though someone surprisingly tall picked him up and smashed him against it hard enough to kill him. Thoroughly. And honestly, how in Arvum does someone manage to get killed like that?