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Story Emits

Rumor has it there's been a murder. Jakolina Hawise was discovered in her home, a modest little dwelling in the Ward of the Compact, not terribly far from Traders Tavern. Naturally, the gossip is a little sensational, as it's being said that she was found crumpled against the back wall of her bedroom, her spine shattered, left shoulder broken, and with a fractured hip. There was a sizeable dent in the wall above her body, so of course the usual culprits are claiming that she must have been thrown across the room hard enough to leave the mark. Ridiculous.

Friends and neighbors claim there was nothing missing from her home aside from a small, ceramic statuette beautifully detailed with the sigil of Gild. She'd been so proud of it, claiming she'd found it while traveling through the Gray Forest only a month ago. Poor Jakolina did love to explore.