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Desperate Measures

With the whirlpool in the harbor blocking vital trade, the costs of food and basic staples have risen to outrageous prices, certainly more than the average citizen of the Lowers can afford. As the prices continue to rise, desperate people resort to desperate acts.

Story Emits

As the last of the winter stores begin to run out and the price of fresh food and necessities continue to skyrocket, the rumblings within the Lowers grow ever louder. More and more often crowds of thin, pinch-faced citizens linger around the voices of those speaking out about the economic disparity. Why should the haves have so much, while the have nots have, well, nothing. It isn't fair that a small percentage of city dwellers have their elaborate galas, fetes, weddings and balls while the majority of the city starve.

The unrest is growing, and the Iron Guard begin to notice that these speakers aren't being ignored as they usually are. The people of the Lowers are being whipped up, tempers fed by hungry bellies and desperation.