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What Was All That Racket?

Story Emits

The Menagerie is a much beloved feature of Arx, though there are occasional complaints from neighbors--which are almost entirely upper class merchants or minor nobility--about the noise. Animals aren't particularly sensitive to human pleadings of 'would you keep it down over there', after all.

Last night was different; last night, what must have been a considerable portion of the Ward of the Compact woke up to the sounds of bear roaring. There are even some drunks from the Lowers and quite a number of the guards in the Ward of House Grayson who claim to have heard echoes of it. And in the morning every single bear in the Menagerie has inexplicably got out of their enclosures, though, thanks to the efforts of Duke Aiden Rubino, they're all coaxed back to where they should be.

There is quite an increase in noise complaints, however. Really, just keep it down over there!