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In the Fullness of Time, part II

A long-awaited delivery is finally made, much to the apparent glee of the recipient.

Story Emits

It's getting on towards evening when a shadow passes over the city of Arx. It's not the first time this has happened in recent weeks, and some might be inclined to ignore it. But this time, the sky is clear. This time those who look up can see the sunlight glint off of whatever sails through the air currents overhead.

And this time, the source of that shadow descends towards Arx.

It's small, easily missed if one isn't looking at the sky, and it seems almost to blend into the colors of the sunset. But for those who spot it and manage to make it out, those on the towering plateau that forms the Crown ward of Arx, perhaps a few of the more keen-eyed on the walls, it makes a strange sight. A tiny, sleek dart of what seems to be crystal and metal, capped at the rear by an immense tilted ring of similar material which seems to glimmer with its own light.

It glides across the sky silently, sinking lower and lower, gliding past the city walls and becoming harder to ignore, until it finally comes to rest above an empty spot in the Thrax ward near the city walls. The shining runes that dance across the crystalline ring dim, their motion slowing as the vessel comes to a stop, hanging above the ground.

And if those nearby heard an enthusiastic shout, like a victory cry, from somewhere in the front of the ship... well, doubtless it was pure coincidence that it sounded like Prince Victus Thrax.

Patrons of the Black Fox are delighted as Baroness Lucita Saik puts on what seems to be an entirely spontaneous performance. She sings only one song, but it's beautiful. Beautiful, and strange. The lyrics don't really seem to make any sense, but they're haunting, and it's to the surprise of all when the Baroness immediately collapses right after her song ends. She's rushed quickly out of the Black Fox by her companions, leaving the rest of the audience to wonder what that was all about.