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What Goes Around...

Story Emits

Some sort of awful, inhuman screams echo throughout the Ward of the Lyceum, followed by a monstrous howl. Word spreads through the city like wildfire that SOMETHING has happened at the Black Fox tavern. The descriptions are utter chaos and completely inconsistent. Most people think it was a particularly brutal bar fight, while others claim that it must have been a vicious animal attack, though the latter can't really explain just what animal might have been making that noise. Perhaps a very large, very rabid dog.
Word filters throughout Arx that the Nefer'khat Embassy has been closed to the public. Exactly why isn't known, but perhaps it needs some well guarded renovations. Some very well guarded renovations. There's no estimate on how long those might take, but it shouldn't matter too much, no one ever goes there anyway.
It takes a few days, and a few loose lips, for rumors to trickle out about the reason for the Nefer'khat Embassy's closure. There appears to have been some sort of vicious attack that left the interior in shambles and covered in blood, although there's no consensus on who, or what, might have been the culprit, as there are even some suggestions, ridiculous as they may be, of a large animal attack very similar to the one that happened a short while ago at the Black Fox Tavern. The only person known to have frequented the embassy was Captain-General (or Prima, whatever that means) Shard. There were no bodies found inside the building, only a bloodstained note pinned to the door that read:

"You missed me. Again."

Wild stories abound about some sort of enormous ruckus that took place outside (and inside) a warehouse just off of Commons Square in the Lower Boroughs. There are no clear details, only that at least a dozen people were badly injured, and the warehouse was considerably damaged. The absolutely absurd rumors about wolf men, giant snakes, and the Cardian Tribune lighting the street on fire are quickly dismissed as the ravings of Dust-addled reprobates.