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Crimson Skies

Story Emits

Merchants coming from the old city-state of Setarco often bring with them tales of blood and passion from Silken City, stories of feuding families and fierce loves turned into bitter rivalries. These make the rounds at the Black Fox, the Traders Tavern or the Dancing Feather for a few days and subside, replaced by some Arx scandal or the usual Lycene whodunit, but one has manifested surprising staying power.

As it goes, it happened with the morning tide, the sun blazing hot upon the dancing Titan of Setarco at the Drowned Bay as merchants, fishers and sailors labored under its shadow. First came the gusts of wind, a sudden burst that led eyes to the sea, giving them some time to react before the waves reached the shores. Diminute at first, they grew taller until even the mustering Black Fleet vessels were nearly tipped over. Stands and people fell to the floor by a combination of elements, and then the sea got calmer, the winds more still. As the commonfolk readily descended upon the fish that washed ashore with the strange tides, however, Setarco City was momentarily blanketed in darkness.

A blink and it was gone, the light was back.

Looking at the skies those present swore they saw the clouds turning crimson, one after the other, a rich color of blood and sunset hues, in a path that led to the Crown of Setara, the home of the Pravus family. Stray dogs and beasts of burden agitated, children pointing up, none could quite tell what to make of the chaos, but that was no uneventful morning. After it was all said and done, people were unsure of what they had seen, the strange phenomena puzzling the inhabitants of Setarco just long enough before the day resumed itself, life going on as usual, strange skies or not, under the shadow of the dancing Titan.

It's almost time for the Eclipse of Mirrors and its bloodmoon, many are saying. Always some odd weather and happenings about now, and some nerves and wild stories are inevitable with so many on edge due to the Skal'dajans. Nothing to be worried about, of course.