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To Strive, To Seek, To Find

Story Emits

            Chapter 6: A Fable of Heroes

The Compact celebrates the victory over the Horned God at the old ruined fortress of Harrow Hall, even if many citizens in Arx and beyond still have no little trouble reconciling the supernatural elements after a lifetime of skepticism. Still, they know a threat is gone, and most hope that they can finally start building again, and after more than a decade of war and threats that they might finally find some peace.

Some cling to that hope, even as unsettling rumors spread.

All across Arvum, there's the oddest reports of a great migration of crows flying North. In the marches that separate the Northlands from the Oathlands and Crownlands, some report seeing the entire sky darkened with them- if eye witnesses are to be believed, it was millions of them, all flying North.

In Aviaron's Peak, the holding of House Acheron, there's tremors and part of the mountain collapses. Fortunately, the city itself wasn't damaged, but the mountain was greatly transformed, with the peak having collapsed inward due to the seismic activity. Some herders on the mountain side say the peak looks more like a volcano, and all the tunnels underneath are inaccessible.

In Farhaven, a number of guards have mysteriously gone missing, and one door that's been locked and chained for all of living memory is found open, and the room beyond completely empty save what looks like recent blood stains.

Relatively little mind is being paid to strange migration patterns of birds as Knights of Solace report a very odd phenomenon they keep encountering on the open roads. Refugees, particularly shavs, who show signs of struggle and fear, but are completely unable to remember just what they are running from. They've lost near all memory- they don't remember their homes, and in many cases, even their names. It starts at a trickle on the roads of the Compact, and begins to become a flood- thousands of them are arriving in the major cities of the Compact, and tens of thousands without memory in Arx itself. A handful that do claim to remember often cite places that certainly don't exist- with no map that shows it, and no evidence at all of the place they refer to ever existing. The Forgetfulness Plague as its being called is hoped to be just an after affect of the Horned God's defeat or the like, and will fade in time.