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Epilogue: As Arx Endures

Arvum survived the world ending, and life goes on.

Story Emits

With the destruction of Azazel, the immediate threat to the world faded. Arvum itself was still dangerous, as remnants of his legion had scattered throughout the continent, and most of the fallen domains of the Compact were occupied by demonic forces. It was a long fight to reclaim what rightfully belonged to the Compact, but rebuilding began, and many domains waxed far stronger than they had ever been.

Shav'arvani were a thing of the past, by and large. In this era, they could never truly call themselves the Abandoned again, not after the refugee at Arx and other holdings that stood strong during the Reckoning. There were cultural differences, but it faded in time, and the conflict that had haunted the Compact for the past thousand years gave way to an era of exploring and fighting against the new, dangerous world they found themselves in with the rebirth of magic.

The world outside of Arvum had changed as well. No longer was it mostly shaped by powerful, lingering forces from a thousand years ago, and the new heroes of Arvum grew to be ones shaping the new world. The Cardian Civil War ended with the Scales faction victorious and Malar defeated, ushering in an age of Cardia and the Compact viewing each other as allies. Often uneasy allies, but allies.

Eurus had thrown off the yoke of slavery with the destruction of magical writs, and revolution swept through the Dune Kingdoms against the nobility that had benefited from the institution of slavery. In time, a few tried new forms of governance, and some became among the first republics of the world. But others recognized Arvani with claims to succession, and Petrioch came to be ruled by Queen Fatima Masah'Malak Thrax and Suj'abbat by Queen Katarina al'Muraq-Sabbat. Generations of Eurusi and Arvani nobility would find they had homes in both Eurus and Arvum.

The Platinum Empire of Jadairal had dissolved into warring kingdoms, the power vacuum left by its dead emperor never truly being filled. In the years to come, many of the Jadai would find Arvum a safer alternative, and explorers from Arvum would find adventure and danger in their travels to distant Jadairal.

Nefer'khat would never be isolated again. The adoption of Arvani by their greatest spirits, the Primordia, would forever mark them as friends. Many, particularly from the Primasen of the Wolf, would settle in Arvum. And some of the greatest spirits in the world would visit the ones they had bonded with, never too far distant from their close friends.

Dragons, elves, and spirits the world over would never dismiss Arvum again. The Arvani had proven themselves equals to the heroes of old, and through blood and sacrifice, had won the possibility to build a better world. Courage in the face the gravest of threats would never be forgotten.

As Arx endures, they will remember.