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Peaceful Fables

Story Emits

Journals in the Great Archive of Vellichor start to turn up that some scholars swear up and down just weren't there before. First hand accounts of exorcisms, written mostly by priests of the Pantheon who often refer to an older author known as Palladium, show up in fragmented form, giving tales of exorcisms performed as recently as just before the Crownbreaker Wars. Scholars in the Great Archive are befuddled since some of the ancient journals appear to be piled in dust, as if they haven't been accessed for centuries, but most are certain they just weren't there before. Some think its an elaborate prank, with a few scholars suggesting there should be a reward to figure out how someone managed to do it, since its blasphemous to interefere with the work of the Great Archive.
It's an odd gust of wind in otherwise calm night, but every candle, lantern, sconce and brazier in the Hall of Heroes blows out simultaneously. It's just an odd coincidence, really, and nothing seems amiss once they are re-lit.