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Story Emits

A village south of Arx was scouted out recently when a member of the Torean College went missing there. It was later discovered the entire village had gone dark, and that every villager was rounded up by cultists and executed in a shrine for some sort of rite. Dark tales are told of whispers from the shadows and things that should not be, but the worst news is that the cultists escaped, having hurt Duke Hadrian, Guardsman Sparte, and Baron Edward. Princess Reese and Inquisitor Halsim came out in better condition, though with the former quite ill. And a tale of a man with strength as powerful as the mightiest Shav'Arvani, who rode off with the cultists he led, and whatever it was they had come for, it seems they got away with it.
A strange group returns to Arx from the Gray Forest. Dame Leola Allenatore, Aksel Nygard, and not one but two of the King's Own - Dame Paloma and Sir Miles - slip inside the gates of Arx. Sir Miles seems to be injured and bloody, and all of them are wearing varying expressions of bafflement and wonder. And Leola? Well. Leola seems to be ferrying a stoat on her shoulder, perhaps an extraordinarily well trained one, and rumors fly that she seems to be talking to it. What about? One of the gate guards swears up and down she heard the word unicorn, but that doesn't make any sense, does it? There's no telling with some of these Knights. They're very odd.