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Darkwater Rising

Story Emits

The Darkwater Deeps have been an oddity as long as the Compact has existed. A bleak, desolate stretch of ocean in the far southeast seas of the Mourning Isles, there's rarely been any call for any ships of the Mourning Isles to pass by the strange black and forboding waters that some say are cursed. The Darkwater Deeps falls between no ports, contains no known resources or land masses, and with nothing to draw ships to the deeps it remains untouched and largely forgotten by most who sail the seas of the Compact.

So it was the result of unusual circumstances, a ship of House Thrax which had to route far off course to avoid a coming storm, that brought the vessel much closer to the Darkwater Deeps that would ever be typical, even if still it was plotted at a respectful day's sailing or so away. At first, the ship's captain believed that they accidentally sailed far, far closer to the darkwater than they intended, until they double checked their route and position in the stars and made an alarming discovery- the Darkwater Deeps has grown. It's unmistakable. It's simply wider than it once was, and the creeping growth has advanced towards the Mourning Isles.