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Cyrto Arch Islands

Story Emits

A lot has happened on the Cyrto Arch Islands of the Lycene Sea over the past month. A scouting crew of Malvici and Mirorguard agents discovered just how vast this cluster of islands really is. They found it a prosperous place with rich soil for planting crops and cultivating industry. From its mountain peaks to its sandy beaches, these islands seem like a great place to settle. On that trip though, they discovered that there are in fact several Shav tribes inhabiting these islands, and not all of them are willing to negotiate.

A team of Malvici and Grimhall negotiators was sent in to help establish a fort for House Malvici on the north-most point of the islands. It serves as a close harbor to and from Southport. They were able to negotiate a trade and an alliance with the Shav who follow Polmarkh Kassandra. In exchange for wine and steel, House Malvici was able to establish Fort Magnotta. Named to pay homage to the Goddess of the Sea. But they soon learned that there was another Polmarkh on the southern side of the island, Polmarkh Elektra of the Great Bay, who would not be so accommodating.

The Great Bay Fleet under Elektra’s command confronted the larger invasion fleet hours off the north coast of Cryto Major. With an ominous storm brewing, a swarm of sickly looking sea sprites emerged from the waters and attacked, causing a collision between three longships. Estaban landed a bowshot with a diamond tipped arrow to kill a Shav priest, after which the swarm of sea sprites disappeared beneath the waves, and the seas calmed. The allies completed the encirclement and once Harald boarded the Shav flagship, the smaller fleet surrendered, with Elektra leaping into the freezing water to deny the Grimhalls the satisfaction of killing her.

With Elektra’s escape, House Malvici called on her allies to help bring this hold out shav tribe to heel. House Saik, House Fidante, House Mazetti, House Valardin, House Grimhall, House Navegant, House Tyde, House Velenosa and the Mirroguard have all shown up on the shores of Cyrto Major to show this shav tribe what unity and strength the Compact truly brings. In a tense skrimmish on the shore line, the compact allies were able to bring the majority of the Shav tribe to heel. Their Polmarkh Elektra and a religious leader were killed in the battle, leaving them leaderless. Those who were involved in the final battle included - Prince Edain Valardin, Princess Alis Valardin, Prince Talen velenosa, Duke Dagon Tyde, Lady Eirene Malvici, Duke Anze Mavici, Costas Voducce, Duke Harald Grimhall, Duke Inigo Fidante, Lady Caelis Malvici, Lord Admiral Estaban Saik, Lord Artorius Malvici, Lady Regla Navegant, Captain Skapti, Lady Shae Keaton, Lord Valerio Mazetti, and Lord Sivard Grimhall.

The shipyards of Thrax have been busy. As reports of the Darkwater Deeps spreading have reached Arx, High Lord Victus Thrax has wasted no time in preparing his people to meet the challenge. Orders have gone out, diplomatic meetings between the other High Lords and Ladies of Arx have occurred. Help is pouring into Thrax from all over the Compact - a truly heartening sight. And the shipyards have never been busier. Drydocks building and repairing ships, the harbor seeing seaworthy vessels prepared for departure. And Marquis Ford Kennex moves between harbor and dock with a seeming endless patience and a purposeful stride.

He is the point of contact for the priests of the Faith who are willing to bless ships and weapons, and he has convinced them to ask for whatever blessings they can request for each and every ship, weapon, man and woman sailing with the Thrax navy. It has not been so long since people remarked often on the feud between the Faith and the House of Thrax, but perhaps those days are coming to an end. The mien of the sailors is grimly determined as they make their final checks and prepare to cast off. The wondrous statue of Mangata down at the beach is visited often by those who will soon sail and is the scene of many touching and heartfelt farewells. They will leave safe harbor soon and no one knows what they'll find - or even when - if they'll return.

Far off the eastern shores of Maelstrom, too far from Arx to notice but close enough to the scouting ships to be seen, the sky begins to darken. A storm is brewing in the Mourning Sea, and it bodes ill for the days to come.