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Story Emits

It is just past twilight when a strange ship with no flags or banners sails into Arx's harbor from the Bay of Thrax. A longship, but with odd flourishes on the wood not quite like anything in Arvum that speaks to different construction, but what is most notable the ship is it has no crew at all. There's no one on board, it's a ghost ship, and just seemingly purely by happenstance it drifts right into Arx's harbor, and by seemingly impossible good luck, settles into an open berth without a collision. On the bow of the ship, is a large pink bow is tied, and on the deck of the ship are three hulking ballistae. The ballistae are not made of wood, as one would expect, but forged of a strange grayish white metal, covered in runes. A piece of parchment is nailed to the mast that simply reads, "To L.G, MoQ".