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Farhaven and Back Again

Story Emits

Under the threat recently faced in Farhaven and its forests, scouting parties have been combing Redrain lands and the Gray Forest alike to find any traces of what could be the source of the surely fabricated stories. Princess Marian Redrain, Lord Armand Farshaw, Mistress Jayanthi Hawkeye, Master Aksel Nygard, Mercy Cybele, and relunctant Sword of House de Lire - Shard, leave towards the Northlands and return to the city amidst even more cockamamie tales. Trickling down from the North however, the bards sing more about the legend of the wendigo at the fireside and in the tavern. Bloodied and bruised, each in their own way, though a few brows are raised at Lord Armand's bleeding temples and the full set of stag horns tied to his horse's saddles as they enter the city gates.