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Gray Forest Scouting

Story Emits

Stories circulate that a scouting mission went into the Gray Forest that was lead by Prince Mason Grayson. It included Princess Lou Grayson, Master Sergei, Guardsman Calaudrin, Mistress Shard, Lady Joslyn and Master Agnarr. It was reported that they while trying to scout they ran into some trouble and ended up in a battle. "Princess Lou and Prince Mason sure were badly injured, their legs all bitten up by dogs or something." One person was overheard saying. "That Sell sword Sergei was in the house of Solace with broken ribs after coming back from the mission." another said. Rumors circulate that they survived and won a battle against dangerous foes in the forest.
There is talk in the taverns of mission into the Gray Forest. One is said to have been lead by Count Thesarin. The party included Dame Esoka, Prince Luca, Lady Fiora, Lady Isabetta, Dame Alexis and Guardsman Merek.

"That Count sure is quite the feral Count, I wouldn't want to tangle with him. He is barely civilized!" One man was has been saying about Compact. "Civilized or not, he sure is gets things done. His group fought a demon and won." a woman said in response. "No he didn't that is just stories and hype." The man returned with. "Well either way Master Merek was almost dead and Dame Alexis looked pretty badly hurt too. I heard she got thrown by a demon." The woman returns with. The man sighs, a long suffering sigh. "No demons, them two are always getting hurt."