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Sir Jeffeth Bayweather

Posted by Arianna on 03/22/20
To those ignorant enough to get angry at my journal entry, let me spell it out for you: The wheel spins eternal, and Sister Juniper will return, in one way or another, eventually. I wish she does it sooner rather than later. If you are still mad over it after the explanation, then I accept your Challenge. As a Princess it would be gauche for me to serve as my own Champion but as a Knight my oaths bind me from allowing someone else to defend my own honor, as such I won't be naming a Champion.

The terms, if you so choose to press on, will be simple; bring your own armor and your weapon of choice. I will do the same and we will meet on the green of the Proving Grounds at the stroke of midnight on a day of your own choosing. The first to yield loses. Oh and Sir Jeffeth, it's -Princess- Arianna Pravus.

signed by the hand of Princess Arianna Pravus