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Re: Prince Varan Grayson

Posted by Varan on 02/28/21
My Lord Christoph, Duke of Artshall, Vanguard of the West,

Crass the joke may well be, and a source of disagreement it certainly is, but to say that it lacks humour is only true subjectively.

That said, and to avoid an endless and needless discussion on "what is a joke", I shall gladly and freely acquiess to your request for apology - hoping that the following will suffice.

In my name, and my name only, I apologise that the joke I wrote in the White Journal on or about 1/10/1015AR has and may continue to cause offense, unease, unrest, distaste, regret, animosity, and other such problems not exclusively herewith written.

In specific I apologise to the Duke of Artshall and his children, and her ladyship that wrote to me most urgently upon the morning (given her grievence was not made publicly, I shall refrain from identifying her). Similarly my apology extends both to House Pravus in specific and those who owe fielty to the same in general.

Prince V. Grayson.