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Princess-Consort Alarissa Thrax

Posted by Ezmeralda on 04/15/21
Your Highness, forgive me for not using your full title before as I thought the name Thrax assumed as much. Since then I have been counseled and told otherwise and am happy to make amends for any perceived slight. As for the matter in which I have been challenged, no, I will not apologize. Prodigal or not I am a Peer of the Realm and am fully capable of voicing my criticisms and if the Faith took exception to that then they are perfectly capable of speaking with me as I am open to discourse on the matter. I do not find inhumane punishments to be anything but abhorrent and as a member of the House which chose to end the tradition of 'presenting people to the sea' as a form of execution I would expect you might feel the same! I name Savio Ponteleaus as my champion and as the challenged it is my right to set the terms. As such you will face my champion at his full capacity and ability to defend my honor which includes his choice of arms and armor. The duel will be concluded when either champion has yielded and the matter will be settled in the eyes of the Gods.

Marquessa Ezmeralda Leporidae, ruler of the Southeastern Saffron Chain