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Challenge Issued to Prince Ahriman Grayson

Posted by Caspian on 04/05/22
Lady Mabelle Laurent hereby issues a challenge to Prince Ahriman Grayson.

The challenge is made for rejoicing in the current troubles in the Oathlands and the claim that no other House has suffered as House Grayson. For saying it is time for other Houses to carry the burden of pain, disregarding the sacrifices and tragedies of all other Houses, particularly allies. For the grave insult to Lady Mabelle's personal character by implying she not only lacks all empathy but in fact should delight in the suffering of others over her own people. And for the heartless act of ignoring the pain of countless people who have been lost and sacrificed as well as belittling the recent loses of the still grieving House Laurent.

The Prince should find a Champion so that we can discuss the terms of the duel.