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Esra's Player

Posted by Apostate on 02/10/18
A player asked if they were justified in PKing Esra, and staff said sure. Then, Esra's character died due to a PK, and asked for a GM to look into it. With bone deep resignation from knowing what was coming, I talked to him. Was confrontational during the meeting, and claimed a bug had killed him. I was dubious, as it would be the first case of such a bug existing. Discovered there was in fact a bug that effectively made him auto attack for a round, rather than give him time to pose (this would not have effected the outcome of the combat in any way, as I let him know). He accused staff of altering code to kill him, and asked if I played the PC that killed him. I do not play PCs generally, nor do I know the PC that killed him particularly well. I was annoyed by the implication, and told him he was not maturely handling consequences, and that the death of his PC would stand. He ragequit.