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Bisland Spar Night, IMPROMPTU

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June 25, 2020, 11:30 p.m.

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Braelynn Orelia Tatienne Kalani Cocine Liam Svana Amieli



Arx - Ward of the Compact - The Golden Hart Social & Gaming House - The Arena

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Comments and Log

Why not? Michael decides some competition is in order since so many of Bisland and the fealities houses have converged upon Arx! He is already in the sands in his Iron Guard attire, being finicky with his gauntlets. Because....he honestly doesn't wear this as much as he is supposed to.

Kalani puts The Nox'Alfar: A Guide.. in Physician's Satchel.

There's a sparring night and it involves the Bislands? Certainly Braelynn wouldn't miss this for the world, though she's not clothed to spar herself. She's clothed to watch, and when she enters, Tobias, the pine marten is nestled nearly around her neck, her chin resting on her right shoulder. She makes her way toward an area where she can observe, and has a seat.

"Alright, let's do this!" Orelia knocks back a shot of whiskey at the bar and gives Michael a grin. "They keep pushing out that duel and I'm about to go mad if I don't get a good fight."

Bryn, a flustered lovelorn Prodigal assistant, Misty, a sweet-hearted, but bossy Mistward Labrador arrive, following Svana.

Svana arrives, following Cocine.

Michael side-eyes Orelia something FIERCE as Orelia heads down towards the arena sands. "Shouldn't you just be resting and not straining yourself?" No, no history here at all. Don't dream of such a thing!

Bells chime when a leather-clad merchant enters the golden hart, having heard rumours of sparring. The prodigal takes a seat near the front, clearly hoping to get a spot in the ring soon. Not knowing the people here, Tatienne just greets them with a pleasant, "M'lords, M'ladies."

Wise to the way of the arena, Kalani knows to head to the bar before deciding where to take a seat, and waits her turn long enough to get not one but two drinks before edging away from the bar and beginning to thread her way toward one of the ringside tables. It's both tricky and fun, part of the fun being arriving while carrying - not wearing - most of either drink. But with only a little sloshing she makes it, though she does have to shake off both of her hands after she sets the drinks down and draws a seat to take. at the table. "Care for a drink?" she asks of the leather-clad merchant already there, "I always grab the extra, so I don't miss anything."

Michael has joined the ring of valor.

Cocine and Svana stroll into the arena arm in arm, both women smiling and perhaps a teensy flushed in the cheek. Cocine escorts her friend to the seating and promptly orders them both another glass of wine. "So I heard that Lord Michael is going to be fighting and I haven't actually seen him fight and this seems like an excellent opportunity to do so!"

"Oh please," Orelia replies with a smirk. "I rest too much, I'll get soft. You don't want me getting soft now, do you?" She climbs into the ring and walks the perimeter. She looks out to the crowd. "You're in for a treat!" she tells the assembled audience.

Liam picks his own way into the area meandering looking curious. He smiles at the group and he picks his way in. He waves at Kalani, "Hello again." He offers warmly, "Mind if I join you? More competitions for you?" He says as he meanders.

"Mmm, Lord Michael is a fighter?" Svana asks softly, all too happy to get another glass of wine. "He invited me to a /something/." She looks Michael's way and gives him a rather large smile. Thankfully the Prodigal (for the most part) has become rather civilized. Big smiles aren't as scary as they might have once been coming from Svana. She looks at Cocine and raises her brows. "Tatienne and Lady Orelia are here." She blushes when she says Orelia's name. "Lady Orelia is beautiful, but a swift fighter I've heard! This should be interesting!@"

A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

Orelia wields Crescendo, a beautiful steel longsword.

Michael wields a honed alaricite longsword with lion handguard.

Michael wields Autumn Breeze, An Etched Longsword.

Tatienne takes a glance at the offered drinks and smiles as she she shakes her head, causing the bells in her hair to chime. "I appreciate the offer, but I'll pass. Thank you, m'lady." She glances to Liam, "Hello, m'lord." She pauses, "I'm Tatienne Lachance. I was hoping to get some practice in if there's sparring to be had."

"I can live with that. You getting soft. I remember your arrival and eating sand that evening. So we could do with a bit of rest for you." Michael does pluck his helmet up from the sand and shake it free to ensure nothing is hiding up in there. Before lifting it up to salute towards....Hm...who is in the stands? Lady Kalani. A helmet lofted her way before he plunks it atop his head.

"Please do," Kalani replies with a smile to Liam, "it looks like Lord Michael and Lady Orelia are going to be the first sparring contestants to observe and wager on." She curls one hand around one of the drinks while exchanging smiles, paired with a nod, to Tatienne, "Probably a wise choice, if you plan to go into the ring. I'm Kalani," she offers her name along with gesturing to Liam next, "this is Liam. Nice to meet you."

Liam drops into a seat and smiles, "Oh? Are you betting?" He asks and he glances up and over to Tatienne, "Pleasure to meet you Tatienne. Liam Riven." He offers warmly and he smiles, "What's your weapon of choice?" He asks curiously fiddling with his sash as he settles into a seat dropping easily and considering the rest. He offers easy smiles to the group.

Once Michael is properly armored up, Orelia glances out toward the audience and salutes. She circles around him, testing with each strike to probe for openings. "Shall I go easy on you, my Lord?"

"He invited me, too. I'm definitely going, I want to meet more people," Cocine smiles towards Svana and gives a small nod. Sipping her wine, she watches the pair in the ring, "Lord Michael is a Sword, so one assumes he has some skill with a blade."

"If you do, make sure it doesn't look like you are." Michael advises Orelia before they circle and clash. Mostly blows that get dodged as they take measures of each other again. It has been a fair time since their blades have met each other.

At Liam's question, Tatienne reaches for the alaricite in her hair. "These are mostly just for show, but not entirely. I am still learning." She answers, then adds to Kalani, "It's not just because I'm hoping to get some practice in. I don't drink alcohol in general. It's usually tea, though living in the Valardin ward, I've picked up a taste for milk." She smiles to Svana when she notices the Grayhope, "Ahh, goodwoman Svana. Come to watch or partake?" She asks, "And who's your friend?"

Svana smiles widely and sits down with Cocine, sipping her wine happily. She watches the two in the ring. "Oooh, splendid! I'm glad you'll be there too. That way if I make an arse of myself, I'll have someone there who will still like me." Turning to Tatienne upon hearing her name, she grins. "Oh, only watching for me. I've no talent for fighting with anything but words." She nods her head toward Cocine. "This is Miss Cocine Arcuri. She's the second best jeweler in the city, though my husband should watch his back."

Kalani is considering Liam's words, her head tipped slightly to the side as she answers, "I think not, not this time. I'd rather just watch and see how the match shakes out than try to figure out who to bet on. Plus," and she sips from her drink as she glances back to Tatienne and the gleam of alaricite in Tatienne's hair, "those are wicked sharp, I'll bet." One eyebrow wings upwards slightly, "Milk? In anything other than cocoa? Madness," there's a teasing lilt in her tone of voice. She lifts the cup she's holding by way of salute-and-greeting to the table nearby where Svana and Cocine are seated.

Orelia is light on her feet as she circles Michael and dances out of the way as he slashes in reply. With a flash of steel lunges and lands a strike on his shoulder. "How is that then?" She asks with a good-natured laugh.

"You aren't taking it easy on your liege. Lady Orelia, you fiend." Michael glances down at his shoulder, tucking at the chin of his helmet to get a good look at it. Hm. Not all the through the practice paint. "Perhaps I should've worn my leathers as wel."

"Arcuri? Any relation to the late Guildmaster?" Tatienne asks, looking sad just at the memory of the name. "Brother Felix worked real hard on them." She answers Kalani, "I don't know if they're his best work, but they're certainly up there. So yes, quite sharp." A pause and a shrug, "If you live among milk drinkers, learn to drink as they do." She offers as an opinion.

"I think you look dashing in your Iron Guard steel!" Orelia insists. "Though I've noticed telling guards on duty that is not effective at getting out of trouble." Steel kisses steel in an exchange of blows, some of which will certainly be remembered later in bruises blooming under their armor.

Michael is /distracted/. "I'm not selling any of Bisland's cow to make milk for taverns. Just because!" Thats...shouted off towards Tatienne's conversation. And thats why Orelia's blade kerchunks into his armor again. "Well. After the bulletin I put up in the barracks about you, nobody trusts you."

"Brother Felix does exceptional work," Kalani agrees with a serious nod. "He helped me select some gear for a friend and one of his apprentices made a perfectly balanced blade as well to go with it."

Liam smiles at Tatienne, "Oh? Well it's good to have things for show." He glances over to Svana and co and he inclines his head, "Hello. Pleasure to meet you." He says warmly and he settles in towards Kalani, "Pity the betting can be fun." He offers brightly and he considers the group. He glances up and over at the talk of Josephine and simply looks thoughtful.

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Svana looks toward Liam, bowing her head - and to Kalani as well. She sips her wine relaxedly and lets Cocine soak up the attention, grinning at the other woman.

"Is that the one that starts with ' For a good time'? Because I heard about that one." Thwack! Orelia dodges one blow after another, until...

Michael was just waiting for Orelia's mouth to distract herself. Like his did. Which lets him sweep the flat his blade beneath an arm and thud it into her ribcage.

Kalani angles slightly, taking her chair with her, so that she can see both the sparring match and make the acquaintance of those at the nearest table. "Second best jeweler?" is wondered, "Who's the best jeweler now?" she asks of Svana, hoping she's putting the right name to face. "And she's right," a tip of her head toward Tatienne, "adopting the normal customs of one's house of patronage, or region of residence, is key to understanding what motivates them to be who and what they are." She uses her free hand to gesture again between herself and Liam, "I'm Kalani Seliki and this is Liam Riven, nice to meet both of you," this is to Svana and Cocine.

Smiling up at Kalani and Liam, Cocine offers a respectful nod, "My lord, my lady. A pleasure. And yes, Mistress. Josephine is my mother." She looks back to Michael and calls back, "What if I want milk for a beauty regimen? I hear that Bisland milk is some of the best milk one can use for bathing!"

Svana chuckles, squeezing Cocine's hand gently. "Mistress Svana Grayhope, at your service." She pauses and grins. "My husband is the best jeweler of course. Asher Grayhope. He runs Diamonds in the Rough. But it's quite hard to commission jewelry for him, and Miss Cocine does absolutely gorgeous work." She smiles happily and bows her head to both Liam and Kalani. "A pleasure to meet you both, my Lord and Lady."

Tatienne reaches for the star iron bells in her hair. "She made these." She tells Cocine, "She was wonderful and a good friend, and I miss her." She sighs faintly, "She was one of the people who I was able to borrow some money from to get started when I first made it to the city. If there's anything I can help you with, please let me know." She glances to the fight occasionally, answering Michael, "No-one wants to drink the milk of a Bisland cow anyway." She counters in turn; nodding to Kalani, "Brother Felix is on of my best customers, and I'm one of his best; I believe."

Liam beams at Svana and Cocine, "Hello." He offers as he waves for a drink, "I'm sure you hardly need it." He offers to Cocine but he smiles, "Pleasure to meet everyone. Are we all here to enjoy the show?" He asks as he leans back glancing to the fight in curiosity.

Kalani's eyes widen slightly, noticeably, "I knew your mother. My cousin, Kaldur," there's a subtle pause as the Seliki woman makes no attempt to keep the sorrow out of her voice, "was a patron of hers, once upon a time. I'd seen some of her work, and had chance to share a drink with her, once or twice. Remarkable eye, and skill, along with the ability to see what something could be from what something is," She sips from the drink she's holding, again, because alcohol always helps doesn't it? Svana's words turn her attention again and a smile forms on herface, "I haven't had chance to meet him, as yet, or visit his shop, but if I ever need to commission a nice piece I'll be sure to see if I can be put on his waiting list," her words turning into a quiet and amused laugh at the banter about cows milk. "He does wonderful work," agreeing with Tatienne and wondering, "What sort of work do you do?" She then taps the side of the mug she's holding against Liam's drink, when it arrives. "Very much so. I didn't come armed or armored enough to get into the ring myself."

The dance goes on, Orelia dancing past most but not every blow Michael delivers. After a particularly rough one to her abdomen she stumbles back and says, "Okay, now we finish this."

Michael is only using the single blade, having not brought a shield as is typical with him into the sands. But he can still catch a particular blow that stretches too far with the hilt of his sword. To mash them together and off-balance Orelia enough to upend her into the sands. "Considered finished?"

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Michael before departing.

Michael checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 37 higher.

Michael remains capable of fighting.

Michael was oh so happy to have upended Orelia. It shows as he continues the fight. Perhaps overconfidence leads to him getting...

Svana looks to Kalani, smiling at her gently. "I knew Duke Kaldur. I am the Minister of Loyalty for House Crovane. Duke Kaldur came to my first wedding. Nice chap." That's all the more she says about it. She squeezes Cocine's hand as her assistant comes and whispers something to her. "Ah. My husband is finally home now. I shall go and see if he's wondering where his wife is." She bows to the nobles as she stands up, looking at Cocine. "By the way, I think we were supposed to discuss something. I shall send a messenger - and materials, if you should be up for it." She waves to the fighters, to Tatienne, and the others, then she starts out.

Grinning at Svana, Cocine chuckles, "I won't argue that, Svana. I would love to see one of your husband's pieces sometime." Nodding to Tatienne, she smiles, "I've been hearing that alot lately. I'm glad to know she had so many good friends in the city. And I will surely let you know if I find myself in need of anything." To Liam, she smiles, "Hello. I certainly am! I've never seen either person fight before!"

Svana says to Cocine, grinning. "Come over someday and I'll give you a better look at my wedding band!"

Bryn, a flustered lovelorn Prodigal assistant, Misty, a sweet-hearted, but bossy Mistward Labrador leave, following Svana.

With a roar Orelia swings and brings her blade down across Michael's just, knocking him back. "Come on! It's just getting good!"

Liam watches the two and smiles at the roar from Orelia. He looks interested and somewhat distracted." He glances to COcine and smiles, "Always good to see people's skill and how they enjoy things." He offers brightly and then looks to Kalani and lifts his drink with a tap and takes a sip.

Michael checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 25, rolling 39 higher.

Michael remains capable of fighting.

Michael checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 30, rolling 37 higher.

Michael remains capable of fighting.

Orelia checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 0, rolling 76 higher.

Orelia remains capable of fighting.

"I deal in the buying of goods at prices that are bordering on unreasonable and selling them at prices that are quite tempting." Tatienne explains to Kalani, "I've heard my name bounce around the markets more lately, apparently I'm getting a reputation." She nods to Svana after, "Seeya." Then to Cocine, "I don't think you can become guildmaster of the crafter's guild here without knowing approximately everyone." As the fight continues, she yells at Michael, "See, this is going poorly for you because you've never had milk from an oathlands cow. Makes you strong."

Orelia checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 9, rolling 81 higher.

Orelia remains capable of fighting.

Orelia checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 14, rolling 55 higher.

Orelia remains capable of fighting.

Michael checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 35, rolling 115 higher. Michael rolled a critical!

Michael remains capable of fighting.

Michael checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 58, rolling 33 higher.

Michael remains capable of fighting.

Orelia checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 21, rolling 41 higher.

Orelia remains capable of fighting.

Michael checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 75, rolling 2 lower.

Michael checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 40, rolling 28 higher.

Michael remains alive, but close to death.

Michael is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

Orelia transforms into a whirlwind of leather and steel as she and the Sword of Pridehall trade blows again and again. Finally, chest heaving, Orelia delivers one final blow...

Michael accepts said blow, so that it very cleanly whittle away an entire sheath of paint from his cuirass to denote the man as being dead. Very dead. "I am glad that you'll be fighting this well whenever you do finally meet Lord Drake."

Orelia has left the ring of valor.

Kalani watches the continuing sparring match as she shares a nod with Liam, "It is good to observe, it's a great deal easier to observe while on this side of the rope, so to speak, than while on that side. By far," there's a rueful sort of humor shading her tone of voice even as she angles a nod to Tatienne. "That must be one hell of a handy skill. I have to admit, I'm lousy at it. Shopping, in general, that is. I'm solid with the math of it all. But the haggling and negotiating? Not my strong point." The final exchanges between Lady Orelia and Lord Michael net a quiet, "Wow," from the Seliki healer followed by a quiet sidelong remark to Liam: "and this is another reason I'm glad I'm on this side of the ropes."

"I hear Lady Thea is in the market for a cow or two," someone at the table replies, tone laced with humor. "Perhaps some common ground exists there, somewhere?"

A smile for Svana as she rises to leave; a dip of the head in greeting for those still at the table. "Good evening, lord, lady, messeres," Amieli says quietly. A little louder, enough to carry to the duelists, "An excellent display--both of you."

Orelia offers Michael her hand and, if allowed, will pull him in for a most un-ladylike 'bro' hug. "Well fought, Lord Michael."

Bro hugs are the best, because in armor you clank loudly and everyone has to look! Then Orelia is pulled towards the edge of the Arena. Which is just in time for Michael to hear something. "Yes. I've heard." Michael responds to someone's venturing of Lady Thea's interesting in cows. "She will have to come meet them, then convince me that they would be coming to a good home." Gauntlets get shooken free of his hands to deposit into his helmet now. "Thank you, though."

"It's not supposed to be a noble's strong point. How are we supposed to swi--" She very intentionally coughs, "--make a profit if they were any good at it?" Tatienne answers Kalani, the merchant's easy smile clearly showing she's joking. "Sadly, I don't deal with cattle. Can't really store them in a warehouse for extended periods of time." She offers Amieli, "Or I would've helped her already." She smiles, adding, "I don't believe we've met. Tatienne Lachance, one of the best merchants in the city." She offers, before looking to the sands, and reaching for her hairpins. "So anyone fancy a spar?"

Liam nods at Kalani, "It's often more enjoyable to observe and watch." He says and he blinks then, "A cow or two?" He asks curiously looking dubious but he smiles and he considers and then admits to Tatienne, "Well I didn't bring any armor and I don't know what...greatsword against hairpins is like but if you truly wish."

Cocine looks towards the ring as the fight ends and calls out with a smile, "Well Lord Bisland! You put on an excellent show! Allow me to buy you a drink and you can join us in the peanut gallery!" Looking to Tatienne, she chuckles, "I thought about picking up the merchant's trade, but its just not for me. I'm not a money handler, I like to make jewelry and listen to people and hear their stories and see their faces... but I don't think that's a bad thing. It means I will always need the services of a good merchant. And good luck in the ring!" Cocine is not fighting. Nope! Cocine is sitting right here and enjoying her wine.

"You take commissions?" Orelia asks Cocine. "Been thinking about having a couple of things made." Michael gets a healthy pat on the back before the Champion drops into a seat.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Michael before departing.

"Perhaps you can borrow armour from someone?" Tatienne suggests to Liam, looking quite clearly in the direction of Orelia and Michael. "Well fought, Lord Bisland. Now only if your cows were any good, you might have had the edge. But alas." She offers her tease once more, thinking perhaps Michael missed it the other times. To Cocine, she nods. "We all have our strengths. Brother Felix generally buys his diamondplate from me." She offers, "Which reminds me, I should get him another shipment. Well, that can wait until later, I suppose."

"Cocine can't keep herself from taking commissions." Kalani gets the weight of his helmet and gauntlets, reaching across the rope and railing to settle it into her lap. His sword is kept in grip though. "Theres some armor about that you could borrow. Lyros is here with my leathers. Probably'll fit you." Because he likes seeing people fight.

Michael gets Evergreen, A Steel Blade from a double wrap sword belt made of quality leather.

Michael puts Evergreen, A Steel Blade in a double wrap sword belt made of quality leather.

Tatienne wields alaricite hairpins with the scales of fortune and liberty.

Liam wields Starless Eclipse, a rubicund greatsword.

Orelia gets A Siren Song from a low-slung leather swordbelt with gleaming brassy-gold buckles and whimsical knotwork.

Orelia wields A Siren Song.

"Of course, my lady! Stop by the Gilded Garden sometime and I'll be happy to sit down with you and we can discuss what you're looking for!" Cocine calls back to Orelia with a smile and lift of her glass. "I've been preparing for my grand opening, but I've taken some commissions the side as well!" To Michael, she simply smiles and shrugs, "Why would I stop myself from doing something I enjoy and others delight in? There's literally no downside to it."

Michael has left the ring of valor.

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Kalani grins at Tatienne, she knows the deliberate slip of the tongue when she hears it, the grin on her face conveying as much. "It's only fair," she agrees in a quiet voice as people are moving around and deciding who's going to spar next. Or not. And with what. Michael's helmet is balanced in her lap once he's handing it out of the ring, and then then gauntlets. "Ahh, helmet sweat."

Amieli laughs. "Ah-it was mostly in jest," she assures Tatienne. "Amieli Igniseri; we have not, but it is a pleasure to do so."

There is a wordless smile of welcome for Michael and Orelia and their return to the table.

She looks between the merchant and the Riven lord as they prepare. "Please enjoy yourselves, both of you."

Liam makes some arrangements and gets some armor, "Ah well that seems better." He nods to Michael, "Thank you for the offer." He offers and he heads into the ring. He glances around with a grin and he smiles to Tatienne, "Do be gentle on me won't you?" He asks and he glances to Kalani, "And no betting against me."

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Orelia slaps her palm across the table. "Excellent. Gilded Garden. I'll remember that." She rises from her seat. "Well, Lords, Ladies, and Goodfolk, I'm going to get home before they check holding for me."

Kalani grins at Liam, "Never bet on a sure thing!" she reminds the Riven lord with a wink. "We met, a few weeks back, while watching a arm wrestling match. I'm Kalani Seliki," introducing herself to anyone who she hasn't properly met as of yet. "My friend in the ring," that's Liam, "is Liam Riven. In the ring with Tatienne," as that'll sort the who and where. This," she lifts the sweaty helmet and gauntlets, "belongs to Michael Bisland, former combatant with Lady Orelia here. You've also met Cocine?" she asks of Amieli, trying to conduct the introduction round-robin before the next bout begins.

"And thus, Tatienne enters the ring, taking hold of her hairpins as she bows to the lord she's about to fight. "I am learning to fight not to be a champion, but to be able to hold my own should I find myself attacked by bandits or slavers while travelling." She offers, "And so I am by no means blessed with the luxury to pick what my opponents wield. It'll be fine." She glances to Kalani and smiles, "Thank you for your understanding." To Amali, "Thank you." Finally back to Liam as she gets out in a practiced but rough defensive stance. The work of good teachers and not enough time to practice, "I'll try to be gentle, but I can offer no promises."

A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

Sunny, an Ostrian Cat leaves, following Orelia.

Tatienne checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 30, rolling 6 higher.

Tatienne remains capable of fighting.

The fight starts out poorly for Tatienne, clearly not used to dealing with the much larger weapon despite her earlier words; taking some solid blows before managing to move in and start slowly chipping away as she becomes more familiar with the weapon's reach. Her defensive style is far from flashy, focused on trying to avoid getting hit and trying to land only blows she thinks won't leave an opening.

Liam smirks at Kalani's response and he faces off against Tatienne. He looks at her with interest and he smiles, "Well I fight to protect but I fight often enough." He smiles faintly, "Well might I suggest do your best not to pick greatsword to fight with." Liam moves carefully clearly used to the heft of his blade. He meets Tatienne's attack grunting though as Tatienne finds a good gap in his armor.

Cocine finishes her wine, then looks into the empty glass and sighs, "Well, I suppose that means its time for me to depart. As much fun as all this is, I still have a collection to create and a shop to open in the morning." She rises up and offers a bow towards the nobility, smiling to everyone. "Thank you for the excellent company. Everyone is welcome to my Garden, even if just for curiosity or to stop in and say hello." She looks to Michael and offers, "My lord, I will continue to hold your item at the store until such time as you are ready to retrieve it." There's a bit of a teasing smile on her lips, though she seems serious enough. Inside joke? Real thing? Who knows! "Have a good evening!" Stepping away, Cocine waves to everyone as she heads off.

Kalani puts The Marin'Alfar in Physician's Satchel.

Tatienne checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 38, rolling 1 lower.

Tatienne checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 10, rolling 41 higher.

Tatienne remains alive, but close to death.

Tatienne is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

Michael ducks beneath the railing to slip into a seat at the table along with the others. He clanks. Most assuredly, he clanks. All that iron gear rattles as he sits down in Liam's abandoned seat. "Lord Michael Bisland..." Who... doesn't know him? Amieli doesn't know him, he nods her way as he gets settled. "I still need Selah to visit to look at it first." But...Cocine takes off already before he can respond.

"One rarely gets to decide what one's opponent gets to bring to the fight," Kalani calls this remark to Liam, in return, with a quick glimpse of a grin accompanied by a shake of her head. She turns toward Cocine as she is rising to leave and making her good-byes, "It was nice meeting you!" She wrinkles her nose, a little, at Michael, "You're all sweaty," is teased as she slides the spare drink she'd carried with her to the table over to him.

Amieli beams at Cocine when the question is posed. "If only briefly, at the Bard's College." The smile turns to Michael. "Your dueling was excellent, my lord," she reassures. "If I recall, you were also present?" Amieli asks of Kalani. "One of the more skilled at pinning the spider's leg?" She waves with her fingers as Cocine makes her farewells. "-And hopefully for longer, someday."

Tatienne's relative inexperience shows she takes another hit from the greatsword. Much more modest than the first few, but it adds up and she was already having trouble. She drops to a knee and offers a smile up, "I yield." She winces, "I had hoped to get at least one good hit in, but it seems it was not to be. Well-fought."

"Getting sweaty is better than getting dead, my lady." Michael retorts as he plucks up the drink made available to him and sips at it slowly. Ya'know, so as not to shock his system or anything. The fight is winding down by the time he turns to look towards it. "Hm. I didn't know Liam used a blade that large."

Liam continues staying back keeping his blade between him and Tatienne as she darts around, "Very...quick." He grunts clearly tiring but he continues to bring his blade down flat against Tatienne and he smiles, "Well... it is heavy armor. Excellent yourself, I wouldn't have expected for you to cut so hard with...hairpins. Good to respect all weapons I suppose."

"At least some of the credit for that goes to the smith, my lord. It takes a lot of skill to work alaricite to this level of quality." Tatienne puts the pins back in her hair, before inclining her head to the others. "I'd best get some rest after that beating, I think. Thank you for the company and entertainment. My lord, my ladies."

"Pinning the spider leg in the general vicinity of where no leg has ever been attached," Kalani counters to Amieli with a laugh, "but the maze of ropes was fun to navigate, even if the thought of the room being full of spiders that are considered pets is enough to make me want to scream, just a little." She makes a quiet huff of laugh at Michael, "You do have a point. Several, actually. And," a glance back to the ring to watch Liam and Tatienne, "reach has a lot to do with it as well, but she's really light on her feet, and that's serious points to her side of defense."

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