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Physicians Summer's End Social

The season of later summer fevers and miasmas is winding down, soon to give way to the coughs, catarrhs, and cold-weather accidents of winter. But even healers need a little time to relax and look after themselves, don't they?

With that in mind, Rukhnis will be hosting a casual gathering at the Saving Grace for those of the Physicians Guild to socialize, meet new members and reacquaint themselves with older ones, enjoy (healthy) finger food and drinks, and discuss their projects and plans for the future (because you wouldn't want to relax /too/ much, after all). The guild's healing allies among the Mercies are welcome, too!


Aug. 5, 2020, 8:30 p.m.

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Kalani Michael




Arx - Ward of the Compact - Saving Grace Hospital - Lobby

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Comments and Log

Rukhnis is present by the hospital doors to greet people as they come in for this evening's physicians' guild social, dressed in her usual black-and-grey but with a pretty gold-embroidered silk ribbon tying off her braid and clearly signifying that this is a meant to be a happy occasion. Despite this the Eurusi woman looks tired and a little more sombre than someone hosting any kind of social ought to, but anyone who's used to seeing how she normally looks probably just accepts this as Rukhnis being Rukhnis. Still, she must have gone to some effort to make the lobby look nice for the event, as all the vases and urns are filled with fresh arrangements of late-season flowers and autumn leaves, and there's also plentiful finger food set out on tables and desks. The patients in the area also seem to have been included, as they have their own assortment of healthy food and drink as their individual conditions permit.

Arriving early enough to avoid being conspicuously late, and determined not to get caught up in the crush of people that tend to try to come through the door all at the same time, Kalani Seliki is dressed nicely for a change. Her usual attire of sturdy clothing that can stand up to the sorts of messes that come from dealing with very ill people has been traded for a nice dress, matching shoes and so on. The Seliki physician makes for Rukhnis with a smile on her face, "Hi!" she says as she reaches the Eurusi woman, "it looks lovely in here."

Despite her worn-out air, Rukhnis nevertheless looks distinctly pleased to see Kalani, who has /very narrowly/ managed to avoid the rush. "Kalani Seliki," she greets the other woman, with a rather cordial bow. "I am so pleased you could come. I so seldom have the chance to see you, or most of the other guild members, for that matter." She glances around briefly as if looking for all the other guild members in question, but her gaze only comes up with the usual hospital staff on duty at this hour. She purses her lips briefly. "Everyone must be busy with patients and running late." This is a strikingly optimistic stand to take for Rukhnis, and she seems to be really believing that the crowds of fellow healers are going to begin to spill in through the doors at any moment. "But how do you fare this night?" she asks, returning her full attention to Kalani.

"I don't attend much of the goings on at the guild hall," Kalani admits as she dips into a graceful curtsy in return. "Well, I haven't, that is. Until recently I'd spent more time running back and forth, from Arx and home I mean, that there wasn't much for me to do here, and most of my patients are there," she explains with a smile as she straightens and sweeps one hand lightly over her hair to brush it back from her face. "I am well, thank you. How are you?" she wonders in return, sharing a nod as she agrees. "It's finally cool enough to enjoy the weather, I imagine people are running late because of that."

Rukhnis nods understandingly to Kalani. "There are of course a great many of us who tend to people far beyond the limits of Arx," she agrees. "For my part most of my work keeps me here save for a few visits up to Stormwall that are too few and far between. But it is hard to find the time to leave. I imagine that will only be more the case now." Tilting her head thoughtfully, she adds, "And in any case, there are not generally very many goings-on here at the hospital for you to miss, that are not simply people working. I thought I might change that, but--"

She /almost/ looks like she's going to be discouraged for a moment, but then Kalani's last words make her nod again and affirm, "Yes, that must be part of it too. Would you like some tea? Or coffee?" She glances around for a tray of drinks and plucks it up to offer her guest. "And I am doing well enough myself. There are a few projects I have in mind for the guild which I was going to speak on, but perhaps you are busy with ones of your own?"

"I would love a drink, thank you," Kalani replies, selecting one from the tray of drinks, "and there is always room for more projects. I have only a couple that I'm working on right now, myself," she explains after taking a sip from the cup, appreciating the flavor of the tea and smiling as result. "Mostly research, tidying up the library in the family hall and so on. Though I've made a promise to see what Seliki can do to further support the efforts of the Knights of Solace, I simply haven't had chance to do more to catch Ser Jeffeth for more than a minute or two, not long enough to explain. But please," she curls both hands around the cup, "say on? What projects did you have in mind."

"Ser Jeffeth has had a great deal to occupy him of late, I think," Rukhnis says with a touch of regret in her voice as she sets the tray back down on a nearby table. Taking a mug of what looks to be simple strong black tea for herself, she wraps her hands around it and casts a deeply visionary glance around at the hospital. Or maybe she's just looking for all those other physicians again.

She hmms quietly, then says, "Well, firstly I am intending to have a plan drawn up for a garden here at the hospital. A nice cloistered one, with paths to wander and benches to sit on for the patients to be able to take the air, but also planted with all kinds of useful herbs that can be used for creating remedies. It would be a convenient source for creating our own medicines here at the hospital, and it could also be used as a research and selective breeding garden to devise more effective varieties of different useful plants, or to try to grow ones that have not tended to flourish around Arx in the past. It would also be excellent for teaching apprentices, and to provide a space not only for patients to relax but for the physicians themselves."

She pauses to draw in a deep breath, clearly having been filled with as much enthusiasm for this project as Rukhnis is likely to show. "I am not much of a.. horticulturist myself, though, so I would like to find people to help with selecting plants and planting them and helping them to grow. I would like to break the ground on it over the winter, and plant in the spring."

"He does seem to be," Kalani murmurs, nodding again slowly, thinking about Jeffeth for a moment before her attention focuses back on Rukhnis and her vision for the hospital grounds. "That would be lovely. A place where patients can safely stroll, get fresh air, sunlight, just freely move around while they're healing. How often have we advised patients to do just precisely that? Get some fresh air, sunlight, walk around, exercise? And a safe garden like this, protected, would be ideal." She makes a thoughtful, quietly, and off-key hum of sound, eyes narrowing slightly as she warms to the topic. "I don't know much about growing things beyond the common herbs and plants that I have use for, but certainly there must be experts among our number. Or enough of us that know about this and that to pull together the knowledge as a whole."

Rukhnis's expression brightens slightly again at Kalani's wonderfully clear understanding of the myriad benefits of a garden. "Just so," she states, nodding her head emphatically. "Right now if patients wish to get exercise and fresh air they must go out to the street, and that means both that they must be closely accompanied by hospital staff, and also that the venue is not a very relaxing or safe one. And as you say, a garden would instead be very sheltered, not just from potential hazards but from cold winds as well. With the addition of a cloistered walk around the perimeter, they would be able to take the air in all weather and not put themselves unduly at risk." She takes a drink of her tea, then folds her arms over her chest, giving another approving nod at the imaginary prospect of this garden. "I suppose.." Her eyes shift around the hospital. ".. I will simply have to put out a call for volunteers."

Sighing slightly, she gives a small shake of her head. "Besides that, I would also like to put on another wellness festival for the Lowers, to get donations and store up more supplies for the winter, and simply to educate people about healthy living and first aid again. I know that a great deal has already been given to other projects to help the poor this year, but heading into winter the situation is still very dire. So I would like volunteers to help with that as well. I was thinking perhaps it might be hosted in partnership with the Commoners' Council."

"I keep doubling back to how much safer it would be, just all around, to have a walled - safe - exercise garden. Plus! If we have a garden here, we can teach new or novice healers how to identify the correct herbs, plants, leaves, flowers, all the compounds that we use to make medicines. And can teach them, again, in a safe environment that wouldn't require traipsing around in the countryside just to show examples of what to look for, aside from a drawing - well done or not - in a journal." Kalani does the same thing, a thoughtful sip from the cup she's holding, a curious glance sent around the hospital itself, envisioning it as it is, as it could be. She and Rukhnis are standing near the entrance to the lobby which is decorated for the event, as all the vases and urns are filled with fresh arrangements of late-season flowers and autumn leaves, and there's also plentiful finger food set out on tables and desks. The patients in the area also seem to have been included, as they have their own assortment of healthy food and drink as their individual conditions permit.

"A partnership with the Commoners Council would be idea. Have you met Duchess Delilah Shepherd?" she wonders, thoughtful tone of voice. "I had chance to speak with her on a similar approach to this matter, and she has a very detailed understanding of what groups where already putting together efforts, and which ones needed help getting the supplies intended."

Rukhnis tilts her head in a vague equivocal manner. "I have met Delilah Shepherd, but I do not truly know her. Perhaps she might be able to help. On the other hand, the educational aspect of it is as important as the donations, and I was not planning for anything much beyond the scope of the festival held two years ago." She frowns consideringly. "Perhaps I will just host a booth at the harvest festival instead," she muses. "That is only a couple of weeks away." Making a quiet hmm'ing noise, she goes on, "In any case, I am glad you are supportive of the garden, and that I am not the only one who thinks it a good idea. Although Marquessa Reigna told me she had wanted to have one here as well, so she too supports it."

Michael just sort of shows up. Not too aware of how fancy or low-key this gathering was going to be. But he got invited in a sideways manner, 'if you're not too busy'. So he'll cross the Ward of the Compact to get escorted into the lobby of the Hospital with a quirked smile at the near quaintness of the activity. The lack of overdone fanfare and screeching announcers. He'll slip through to pluck up a drink and go looking for the one who definitely didn't expect him to show. To find Kalani and Rukhnis near immediately, so he can lift his glass towards Kalani from over Rukhnis' shoulder to not intrude.

"A booth at the festival is a good idea too. It makes it easier for people to recognize you, on sight, as a physician, for one thing. But it also allows the larger population of the city to have a chance to see what a physician looks like, talk to one, get to know us as regular people who just know how to do other things than, say, a farrier or blacksmith or farmer and so on," Kalani's tone of voice is both enthusiastic and earnest. "And you can certainly count on me for support, I love this idea. And next time I see the Duchess Shepherd I'll bring up the topic of seeing how the guild can continue to help with the ongoing situation. Frankly, I have worried whether or not a single massive effort would do any lasting good," and her attention lifts past Rukhnis's shoulder and she smiles again. "Lord Michael, you found your way here," she tips her head toward him then uses her free hand to lightly sweep from Michael to Rukhnis and back, "if I may? Lord Michael Bisland may I introduce you to Rukhnis Al-Katibi, the new Guildmaster of the Physicians Guild, she's also the Minister of Medicine for House Crovane."

It's not hard to find both Kalani and Rukhnis near-immediately, considering they're the only people in the lobby who aren't clearly either patients or working. Rukhnis in turn swiftly notes the entrance of Michael -- possibly because she's kept a keen eye on the doors, vigilant for the arrival all those other physicians who have only been delayed by work or enjoying the nice weather -- and she sidles a step away when the Bisland man comes over to lift his glass over her shoulder, as if she doesn't like having people standing behind her. But she greets him courteously enough, with a bow and a quiet, "Lord Michael Bisland, I bid you welcome here. I am sure we have met before, though only in passing. You are a friend of Lady Peri too, I believe."

Glancing back over to Kalani, she asks, "Perhaps you would like to come help out at the festival too, then? It is mostly an affair for commoners down in the Lowers, but anyone may come, and you as a healer would be especially welcome."

Possibly, Michael is easy to find because he is most certainly not a Physician. "Guildmaster Rukhnis Al-Katibi." Michael repeats the name to try and solidify it in his mind. "Guildmaster Rukhnis. You've arouned a lovely little party." He'll step to stand profile to the two women, to return the offered bow with a smile. "Lady Kalani is down-fealty of me, and knows I prefer to attend parties that don't involve actors or friviolities." To answer the unspoken question of why Michael of all people are here. But..Peri's name has his eyes narrow just a touch. "Lady Peri and I go way, way back. Too many years and minor greviances. She hasn't inquired with you about frogs recently....Right?"

"I would really like to, yes, absolutely," Kalani replies, a serious nod paired with that enthusiastic tone of voice.

"I would really like to, yes, absolutely," Kalani replies, a serious nod paired with that enthusiastic tone of voice. "I had hoped that Seliki would be able to find a way to join in the efforts made to help the food situation, but there were to many moving parts suddenly when I tried to get the idea out," she admits before she grins at Michael. "Come now, actors can be fun, in small doses. Like, perhaps, for only as long as they can keep speaking with only one deep breath?" she suggests, lifting the cup of tea she's holding and is about to take a sip from it. She nearly spills it, quelling the laugh that tries to escape, at the question about frogs. "In all fairness, you were both children at the time of the Frog Incident," though it's possibly also called the Amphibious Assault.

"I am quite certain that I have never hosted a party that involved either actors or frivolities," Rukhnis tells Michael seriously, and entirely credibly. But then she can't quite suppress a quiet snort as he goes on to ask about, of all things, frogs -- though on the other hand she somehow doesn't seem entirely surprised by this odd question either. "Lady Peri has not in fact inquired with me about frogs," she affirms, then presses her lips together as if she finds this obscurely amusing. Glancing around the hospital one more time, she then picks up a tray of drinks and offers it to Michael, because hospitality clearly belongs in hospitals.

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