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One Night In Tore: The Wineover III

Third segment to the One night in tor, aka this is what happens when you drink cardian wine.


April 29, 2021, 6:30 p.m.

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Graziella Zyxthylum Clarisse Valerian Sydney



Outside Arx - Lyceum near The Roseward - The Duchy of Tor

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Sydney checks charm and empathy at normal. Sydney is successful.

Clarisse nods respectfully to the Princess, as she makes her suggestion for her and Valerian to go in to procure the bottle of perfume, as they follow the ladies into the alternate enterance to see if they can find answers. She is overwhelmed by the crowd, but she has often found herself doing uncomfortable things at the requests of nobles before, and it is better than lying and possibly causing a stampede, which was just a bad idea to begin with. "As you wish M'Lady." offering a respectful curtsey to Graziella.

When last we left the group, Sydney was being harped at by the guards, a nobleman thinking that she looked at him funny and thus..well, we all know how that goes. But in the time between when the group was starting to contemplate who to send in, and actually starting to do so, here comes Sydney and with her, Zyxthylum.

Swift words, a smile, some very good convincing that she had merely glances the nobelmans way, the smell of the perfume that seems to be all the rage at the moment, well. She could understand how he might have thought her nefarious. BUT. And here's where the guards turned a little red. She was there as a guest of House Fidante. Which is roughly why Zyxthylum was coming on past her with a pair of fidante guards to help him find the group he was with - that hangover still hurt just a little and more than a few pricks from the rose bush that he ended up waking up in - was a lifesaver at that point. Because the guards confirmed that the woman was indeed, a guest.

And so, released and off to catch up with the group, graziella's dispensing the instructions that will split the group. Valerian and Clarisse venturing in through a back or side door with someone from the gaggle of nobles who coo'd over the bottle, and Sydney, Zyxthylum and Graziella to watch over the mass that clamored at the front for... a bottle of perfume.

Valerian seems nervous, more so than he normally was when he is voluntold into going into the shop and the madness brought on by the clamoring masses seeking their own bottles of the perfume. The Kennex Lord in the end focusing and with one arm offered out to Clarisse and his other shifted to allow for his fingers to clutch at his necklace he sets off. Following the gaggle of noblewomen in through their /special/ access entrance to the shop. Off in search of a bottle..and answers.

It wouldn't be a currently up-jumped commoner moment without Sydney laying this into the nauseatingly aggressive forgiveness of those who apprehended her to begin with, "Oh /no/, not at all. It was /no/ inconvenience whatsoever, I /assure/ you. It absolutely will stay between us, my dear friends, and I'm sure it won't be a problem at /all/ with House Fidante."

She dusts her arms casually and wears her brightest shit-eating grin, and goes to rejoin the group, strutting alongside Zyxthylyum with her arms folded casually behind her head, "S'like no one around here ain't never seen a noble before, Zyx. Downright criminal." Chirps the common-as-clay pugilist.

Graziella cuts a look between the two of them at their apprehension and she admits, "Oh, well, if neither of you are inclined.." Graziella trails off though, rolling her eyes and making clear that she is only going to strong arm her way into that crowd if she MUST.

The Princess glances over when she hears Sydney and Zythylum get a greatful nod because it looks like she won't be waiting in the street all alone.

Clarisse gently puts an arm on Graziella, "M'lady it perhaps not a good idea with your leg, I will go, it is alright, Please rest assured." A warm smile to her as she takes the offered arm of Valerian's and gently pets his hand, "It will be quite alright. We can do this together." They really are quite the skittish pair but they also offer support to each other, and balance each other out nice. She then leans over and whispers in Valerian's ear. "We can do this together, have faith." She offers to him and squeezes his arm.

Zyxthylum creeps along hunched over and shielding his eyes in a pitiful manner. Sydney gets a few feeble 'mhm-hrms' as she speaks but the emaciated creature is more focused on rummaging in his bag of tricks. He produces an unction to apply to his brow and does so tenderly as he tries to catch up. "I thought I was dead.. What happened?" He follows it up with some hair of the dog from his special flask, wincing and gagging once but managing to keep it down.

Zyxthylum gets No Pressure, a silky unction for head pain from A water-proofed medical pouch.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Graziella before departing.

And so they go. Clarisse and Valerian following the trio as the skim around the throne of excitement. The midnight Reflection Aptohecary seems to be a somewhat smaller apothecary, specializing more in scents and cosmetics than anything else. As they come around the side though, there's a door propped open and a shopkeep that works for the apothecary is there with a scowl on his face. A broom in his hand, crates, he seems to be not having to deal with the clamor up front but instead cleaning up scads upon scads of broken bottles. As the quintent draws near though, the trio of noble gasp and reel back. "What is that smell..."

It's a smell that Valerian and Clarisse are familiar with though. Because Sydney reeked of it. They all reeked of it. As the man hears people he looks up and then freezes at the sight of Clarisse and Valerian and the broom lifts to point to them accusingly. "YOU!"

The squeeze to his arm and words from Clarisse seem to calm Valerian down, the nervousness slowly falling away as he heads off with her following the trio. A last look given back to the group reforming around Graziella lifting his hand from his necklace to offer a wave as if to show all was well before slipping inside. Inside where it was decidedly not well as he spots the mess and the less than pleased apothecary. When the man freezes and levels that broom on them saying that single word Valerian flinches and he murmurs softly to the man, "Us? What of us..exactly Messere?"

Clarisse stands protectively and more in front of Valerian to keep him from being harmed as she did try to convince him to come inside, "We are quite confused, please tell us what it is that happened? Perhaps we can help you, if you would allow?" She tries to offer to the shopkeeper while they hope to get answers to what happened. She is comforted by Valerian being less nervous though and actually taking the lead with the shopkeeper.

The man drops the broom, and moves past the three women who are trying to waft the smell away from their nose and look very bewildered. He doesn't come at the pair swinging though, but instead, falls to his knee's and hands come together. "Please. Please, tell me how you made it! How did you make it?! Never has Rodolpho made anything so beautiful. I'm sorry I hit the woman, I thought you were burglar, and you were messing with the bottles. Messeire Rodolpho will forgive you for the mess you left but he just wants to know how you made it. He has been unable to recreate it! We only have the bottles you made!"

Valerian checks composure at normal. Valerian is successful.

When Clarisse moves to step infront of him Valerian smiles softly, stepping forward to be at her side face to face with the shop keeper awaiting their fate from the man. When he instead falls to his knees asking how they made the perfume and how only the bottles they had made were what he had of the unique smell he blinks and murmurs softly. "Oh um, yes..well.." The young Kennex Lord not the best socially on a normal day clearly out of his depths as he stumbles over his words before he offers up, "We are trying to find out what happened. But..if they haven't cleaned the scary ones clothing yet.. we may be able to squeeze a few more bottles worth for you out.. And maybe find out how it was done even." The words spoken with a tone of optimism.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Clarisse before departing.

Clarisse bends down and gently offers her hands to the man, to invite him to stand, "If you would allow me some time to analyze the bottle, and explain what happeend, I would be happy to help recreate the scent. I am truly sorry for the mess we created in doing so. We barely remember the night." Her smile is warm and friendly to him, reassuringly, "We really never met any harm. I just need to find answers before I can help. If you can help us?" she tilts her head trying to bring his eyes to look into her own.

"Please. Oh gods, please. Rodolpho will so pleased. Get this person, bring this person, please." And then the man's turning, running into the shop via the back much to the puzzled and confused looks of the nobles.

Sydney shakes her head toward Zyxthylum, "That's what we're trying to figure out. I remember giving someone a hell of an uppercut in the middle of a room full of vials - this perfumery here, I'm guessing - and, ah..." She lowers her voice, "...There's wanted posters up for us robbin' something. The finer details are, uh..."

She stops upon recognizing Graziella from afar and takes Zyxthylum by the wrist and ushers him along towards her. "Oi! Hey. See, no prison cell can hold me! Told you there was nothin' to worry about." No, she didn't. She was squalling her head off and cursing as she was dragged away not terribly long ago.

Now though, she offers a flash of her teeth that's still somehow /cheerful/ in spite of the situation, "Find anything worth finding, Graz? I caught myself a Zyx. It's like a warm, fuzzy, half-remembered reunion!" She overly-familiarly slings an arm around Graziella's shoulder.

"Oh, you found my Protege, thank you." Graziella says smartly to Sydney when the woman reappears with Zyxthylum in tow, then the Princess sends a warm smile to Zyx and amends, "Glad to see you're still upright and alive, it was a rather strange night.." Her airy voice trails off and her big blues drifts back to the place where Clarisse and Valerian disappearing into the crowd.

Zyxthylum picks a few of the thorns from his leathers absently. "I woke up in the roses." Is all he can offer. He places a knobby finger on his temple and looks towards the shop. "That looks vaguely familiar. Though I don't even remember leaving Arx." More balms and tinctures come out and he is lost in his miracle cures for hangovers.

Zyxthylum gets BonBon's Millfolium Miracle Elixir from A water-proofed medical pouch.

As Clarisse talks with the shopkeeper Valerian leans in close whispering to the young northern woman, "Be back in a moment, gonna get the others." With that said Valerian steps back leaving Clarisse to try and calm the man as he heads back outside. His steps guiding him around to the side of the building, Valerian's dark gaze seeking out the group before he motions them on to join him.

Considering the utter misery of the rest of the group she's traveling alongside, Sydney really hasn't seen any the worse for wear after the initial confusion of waking up. Chipper and overly energetic, she grins to Zyxthylum, "Then I'm certain you smelled a fair sight fairer than the rest of us." She pouts a touch at Graziella's non-answer, and retracts her arm, "...We sittin' back for a reason, princess? Safety's in numbers, and all that -- oh! Nevermind. Looks like we're getting' the all-clear." She begins trotting on over toward Valerian.

Graziella blinks a few times and glances over to Sydney doing a distracted double take as she watches, waiting for the signal she says absently to Sydney, "I'm not sure yet, we found an Apothecary..." But, then again, that is the obvious part. She offers a fleeting smile that lacks any of the energy that Sydney's contains and then she spots Valerian again.

Graziella clomps her way forward, using her cane to clear a path by knocking into ankles as she makes her way toward the entrance of the shop. "Pardon me-"

Zyxthylum is dressed in an odd fashion, his own personal idea of what a healer should wear. He jingles as he walks with his horded collection of alchemical cures, not exactly the type of person that can keep a low profile. Trying to keep up with Grazi, the hunched creature sticks out like a sore thumb in the crowd, his limping gait and towering staff doing him no favors.

Graziella blinks a few times and glances over to Sydney doing a distracted double take as she continues to watch the crowd from the corner of her gaze, as waiting for some signal. Absently to Sydney, "I'm not sure yet, we found an Apothecary..." But, then again, that is the obvious part. She offers a fleeting smile that lacks any of the energy that Sydney's contains and then she spots Valerian again. "Here we are."

Graziella clomps her way forward, using her cane to clear a path by knocking into ankles as she makes her way toward the side entrance of the shop. "Pardon me-" Skirting around the crowd and following the directions from Valerian to the side door.

Not that anyone in the crowd is paying attention to Zyxthylum. Or Graziella, or... or anyone for that matter. THey're all waiting to see who can get in and get a bottle of this perfume. To which, the small intrepid group soon finds themselves at the side door and now with Clarisse and the shopworker is a hunched over man with a generous nose who just emerged.

"YES! That's them!" and then the shopkeep points to Sydney. "Punched out my tooth!" And shows a back tooth.

Oddly, that would line up with the cut on Sydney's knuckle.

"These are the ones?" Presumably Rodolpho.

"All of them! They say they can re-create it!" Excitedly states the shopkeep.

To which Rodolopho swivels his head and that massive nose and looks at the group. "You broke into my shop, broke bottles of oils and... you have created the most beautiful scent I have ever smelled." the man's striding forward in a hurry, panic on his face. "I need MORE!" He flings an arm to the shop. "I need MORE! You don't understand! It's the most beautiful thing we have ever smelled! What did you do? What did you mix? How did you even!"

Clarisse looks around at the broken bottles and to Radolopho still trying her best to piece together what she or her companions may have put together to create the scent, that seems to now be in such demand. "I would like some time to help you with recreating it. I am very sorry you were hurt during the process. We would need time to see if we can. Our minds are a bit muddled from last night, and we are trying to piece things back together. I am sorry we broke into your shop, it is totally out of character for us." She offers as she tries to look over what has been done to the shop, and see if she can read labels on the bottles. She looks to her friends a moment as they begin to enter, "It seems that we broke in last night, and we are the creaters of the scent that seems to be all the rage of Tor. We need to help recreate it for them."

Sydney cranes her head rather slowly to the side, and for the first time since this misadventure began, she looks regretful. Sheepish, even. "I, ah. Sorry about that. I usually got better sense than to go for the face, but in my inebriated state, I mighta been a touch too enthusiastic, and, ah..."

The line of conversation shifts so rapidly that she's cut off, and she ends up just blinking, looking from thje shopkeep to Rudolpho, her brows very slowly lifting in visible confusion.

She peers at Clarisse, and one brow angles up a bit further than the other. "...The... one that smells like /fuck/?"

Graziella stands tall as she begins to assess the current situation with a series of quick birdish looks around the room from one person to another as Rodolopho appears. Once the shopkeeper starts to implore them for help recreating the scent the Princess holds one slender hand up and politely remarks, "Let me understand first? You've been selling the perfume we created under the pretense that it was one of your own recipes? I heard from some Ladies in the street that you've created this wonderful scent...." The naive cadence of her speech is enacted with finesse as Graziella continues in confused wonderment, "Why? You haven't stolen our work? Have you? I've heard Jayus frowns upon the theft of art... and other creative endeavours."

Graziella elongates her neck some with an air of noblesse as she over-rides Clarisse's kind offer by saying, "We'll help him, when he's decided if taking credit is worth more than catching thieves.. send a messenger right now to have the poster taken down."

Rodolpho looks taken aback. "The posters? What posters?" A hand goes to his chest and he looks at the group. "I didn't report any of this!" The man insists. "I never called the guards. I was too busy trying to figure out how this was made." He looks to the shopkeep who then points to Valerian. "Him" Rodolpho now looks to Valerian. "You. He said you were the one who was doing the mixing when he came up the stairs."

Graziella rolls her eyes and goes to find a place to lean her backside while her entourage plays Alchemists, "Very well, if you didn't report it than I have no ire with you..." A pause and she clears her throat, "But you shouldn't steal." Oh the depths of irony.

Valerian checks willpower at normal. Valerian is successful.

Zyxthylum remains behind Graziella at first, his good eye curiously inspecting the shop and the smashed contents everywhere. He starts with the most practical beginning, "Can I see the work station?" As an afterthought, "I don't suppose you have saved a bottle?" Probably wishful thinking. His own hands are covered is all kinds of scented oils so he begins to cleanse his hands with the witch hazel antiseptic he keeps in the pouch.

When he is called out by the Alchemist as the one who had been doing the mixing Valerian does blush, The young man's eyes growing wide as he looks to the man before blinking. "Oh yes, of course.. Um, I remember mixing things, More than a few bottles if I am being honest.. But I could if you want and will allow it try to recreate it..what I did last night. I will need wine, wine and vials.."

It is Clarisse's turn to go quiet now as she looks surprised at Valerian and his apparent ability with scents, and just steps back out of the way now to let them talk, at least they found out what happened here now, so mystery for here is solved, now they only have to worry about who put up the wanted posters and that is still the mystery. She goes back to stand near Graziella and watch. She has an amazing skill with Alchemy but this apparently is not her scent to recreate.

Sydney seems rather more inclined toward what Graziella is throwing down, and she lifts a hand to momentarily mask a soft snicker before a look of solemnity crosses over her features, "...As the good Princess says. It seems rude indeed to have profited from the fruits of our labor."

"Speaks the people, the -nobles- who broke into my shop when it was closed in the dead of night!' Rodolpho points out to the group. "And destroys thousands of silver worth of oils and essences!" His voice getting higher and higher. "-Assaulted- my shopkeep!" He points out further, but brings the group into the workroom which seems different from the actual shop front. Here, he gestures to the room at large which as been mostly cleaned and seven purple bottles, filled and stoppered, sit off to the side that are identical to what that noble trio had. "Please, Messiere, see if you can make it!"

Valerian checks luck at hard. Valerian is successful.

Aloof and unapologetic Graziella remarks, "I don't remember any of that.. you must have us confused." Breezily she doesn't deign to agree with any of the things Clarisse admitting and instead advises, "You'd do well to forget last night too, if you want to take credit for our good Lord's skill at alchemy." She moves to where she can watch but keeps silent, whispering something to Clarisse, "Never admit fault until you're back is to the wall, dear... even then, remember up.. is often a way out."

Aloof and unapologetic Graziella remarks, "I don't remember any of that.. you must have us confused." Breezily she doesn't deign to agree with any of the things Clarisse is admitting and instead advises directly to the Shopkeeper, "You'd do well to forget last night too, if you want to take credit for our good Lord's skill at alchemy." She moves to where she can watch but keeps silent, whispering something to Clarisse, "Never admit fault until your back is to the wall, dear... even then, remember up.. is often a way out."

Sydney seems nearly incapable of staying in one place. She appears to grow bored of listening to Rudolpho and waves a hand rather expansively, meandering over to absently unstopper and take a whiff of this ingredient, than ingredient, a perfume to the left, a tincture to the right. "I can't say I recollect breaking anything that didn't need breaking. Self-defense."

Clarisse shakes her head at the Princess, "There is still much I have to learn." She offers softly, "I did not realize, I made an assumption I should not have. "I would just be happy to remember what happened last night, but I don't and it troubles me M'lady." Her heart genuinely sinking as she just watches as the events unfold with Valerian and she just quiets completely. She isn't at streetwise clearly as the others are and can appreciate when it's time to just remain silent, rather than further incriminate herself.

Valerian tries to shut out the discussion of the others out when they are lead into the back workroom. The Kennex Lord focusing instead on the task at hand, His movements guiding him along to take up this stopper and add a hint before he is adding a dash from that vial and of course a small splash of another vial. It takes a few minutes of mixing and sniffing and mixing again before he finally looks near satisifed only to remember. "Bless... I am missing one last ingredient." The Kennex Lord shifting around to turn holding up the near complete mix, "You will need three droplets of Cardian wine, Not two and not four.. Three, this is important. Stirred..not shaken into it. Never shaken."

Zyxthylum inspects one of the purple bottles with narrowed eyes. He uncorks the top and gives it a sniff. Then a little taste on the tip of his finger. Mulling it over, his visage twists into a bitter scowl but it doesn't seem to stop him when he goes for a second lick. He makes note of several things mentally but listens to Valerian's explanation without adding anything.

"How..." Rodolpho sputters in confusion after watching Valerian work and then to the group when the missing ingredient is revealed. "Everything you did I tried, but... how in the fuck do I get Cardian wine?" Rodolpho turns to his shopkeep and raises his voice. "We don't have Cardian wine! Why would I carry Cardian wine! FIND ME SOME CARDIAN WINE!"

Graziella watches all of this in silence and she places a hand encouragingly on Clarisse's shoulder as she asides, "It troubles me too... but we'll sort it all out before long.." Her tone is laced with good intention even if she sounds deeply concerned on some other level. Meanwhile, watching the process with Valerian and his brew, her brows go up as the alchemist gets loud which causes her to ask Clarisse softly, "Do you still have that empty bottle with you?"

Clarisse carefully reaches into her pouch, to retrieve the empty bottle of Cardian Wine, to hand over to Valerian to see if there is enough to help him with the mixture. "Could this help at all?" She offers softly. She does nod to Graziella in thanks and appreciation as she helps to focus her attention where it should be in the moment. "Thank you M'Lady." She offers softly.

Sydney continues to make a proper nuisance of herself, drifting from shelf to shelf and sniffing away.

When there is mention of an empty bottle Valerian perks up, the young man grasping the bottle as its offered to him by Clarisse offering a small warm smile to the woman that lingers upon his lips. The Kennex Lord moments later glancing over at Graziella, "Well here goes nothing.." The man uncorking the bottle and carefully tipping it trying to get those three needed droplets from the bottle as he murmurs, "You know I think despite the economic harm we may have inflicted with our presence here last night..That Messere showing this to you.. And what you will make from the mixture is worth far more." Sadly there isn't a single drop to be had and he sighs lowering the bottle, "We need wine..Cardian wine. It will.. pull it all together yes."

"NO!" It's a wail from Rodolpho and he looks to the bottle, anger suddenly on his face. "This is unfair!" And then man starts to descend into anger, yelling and screaming, artistic temperment and the shopkeep just looks like he might be used to this and starts to usher the man toward the stairs that lead down. "Thank you. None the less. please, take.. take some bottles. A thank you. You're right, he'll make a killing off this. Come come Rodolpho, lets.. let just go drink hmm?"

Graziella seems wholly unphased but she does add, "Yes, little is fair in the eyes of the offended, as often is the case." Grazi trails off though and ends with a polite, "Thank you, for the bottles.. it is truly thoughtful."

Clarisse gently takes the bottle of empty Cardian Wine and places it back where she had, with clear intentions to keep it as a momento for the Princess, unless she doesn't want it then she can keep it, and places the bottles in her pouch for safe keeping for the others if they want them for later, carefully packing them away. "That was very kind of him. THank you very much." She smiles to Valerian, "You are so full of suprises Valerian." She offers supportively to him.

Folding her arms and turning away from the shelves to watch after Rodolpho's little tantrum, the young woman's lips purse, "...Tch. I wish I knew a damned thing about what perfumers find appealing about this scent. If they're mad about it here, I wonder if it would play well in Arx. I rather imagine Valerian would be able to recreate it without issue. What vintage is it, even?" She extends a hand to Clarisse, "I might know it by smell, if you don't mind?"

The words from the shopkeeper gain a nod while Rodolpho himself gets an apologetic smile from Valerian. The man quick to hand off the empty bottle back to Clarisse before snatching up a small bottle for himself murmuring. "We need to get more of that wine." The man stating as much to himself as to the others. Hearing the words from Sydney there is a grin that shows as he murmurs, "Oh yes, that..yes this will be brought home to try and recreate."

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