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Feb. 26, 2023, 9:40 p.m.

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Malvici Dinner: Welcome New Family has started at Arx - Ward of the Lyceum - Malvici Hall - Grand Hall.

Stojan, a cleverly reserved assistant, 3 Thrax Guards, 1 Ulbran Thug, Sivas, an artsy ostentatious curator, Lady Snow, 1 Thrax Elite Guards, Cato, a stealthy non-descript man arrive, following Denica.

It has been a few months, maybe half a year even, since the last time House Malvici had brought folk from across the fealty (and further) to the dinner. Invites sent out and, well, the weather being what it is. Thanks rain!

A small, but perfectly formed, number of staff were laying out finely set table centre to the main hall. Sitting at top of the table, the Duke Martino Malvici was there in a whirl of brocades. A formal vest, coat over that and fine shoes. Rings on fingertips. Sat beside was the Lady Ariella Igniseri, the two with that ethereal seabreeze scent that would certainly mix a scent of the Thraxian coast with Torean roses.

Ariella leans aside as she lingers beside Martino waiting for his guests to arrive, cupping her hand to her mouth and whispering something near to his ear. Her dramatic golden eyes sparkle with mirth and mischief as she is sitting upright again, grinning her wolfish grin with pearly teeth at the Duke in question before going for her wine.

1 Saik Guard, Micana, an efficient assistant arrive, following Lucita.

Medeia is here. And aside from her hair being kind of... Damp... She actually looks resplendent on account of having worn very basic clothing to the Malvici Hall and changing after arriving. Her guards, strong, weathered Eswynders that they are, managed to get the petite Lycene across the city in one piece. "Lady Ariella, how nice to see you." She seeks out a glass of wine.

Not a Malvici but a friend of the family longer than Denica can remember, she wouldn't miss the dinner for the world. And, in this case, she had to brave a rather terrible storm to get here. It's impossible to arrive without being water-logged, but the princess works it to her advantage and is sporting a nice slicked back hair-style. Dressed in full armour (because maybe she is scared of the rain?), the steelsilk of her gown glimmers as she saunters in. There's a little smile on her lips, but her eyes sparkle with signs of trouble. "There's a distinct lack of mushroom paraphernalia in the front grounds," the princess announces loudly. Why? Is it an observation? Maybe it's a warning! Either way, the moment she comes in, she's loud and boisterous, because it feels like home. "Thea!," she shouts even louder and rushes towards her friend. "Medeia!!," she also shouts, because why not, she's happy to see such lovely people. Martino gets a side-eye and Ariella a polite nod, because manners.

Lucita has had a rough time of it, sudden gusts of wind, a heavy rain burst almost like a bucket of water dumped on her, but finally has made her way to the dinner. Her slippers squelch a bit as she walks through the entry and an apologetic glance is given the servants who also take her dripping, sodden rain cloak. Turning toward those gathered she says softly. "I would have stayed snug at home except for the wanting to see all of you."

Thea took a carriage over. One of the rare times, since it's raining an ocean out there. She lets herself in, no need for staff. They're probablly grateful since they're weary of the youngest nee Malvici. Always. The loud voice of Denica draws a sincere smile from Thea and she goes to hug Denica before attacking Martino. "Hey! The kids said to tell you hi and they want to spend a few nights with you, or you know. You to stop by." She releases her friend to wave to Medeia too before venture over to her brother. "Long time no see,"she says with a nod, sitting on the other side of him. There's a nod to Ariella as well as Lucita as she goes for the wine.

Crinkling the corners of his eyes at Ariella beside him, there a low laugh is escaping out as she is reaching to her wine. Leaving his there for him to take instead. Medeia, always granted space in House Malvici from her time in various roles, is able to sit ant settle on in for Martino to easily smile in her direction, "Is it that bad?" Denica and Thea both realised to be in the same state, Lucita to, Martino exhales while turning his chin to the servants, "Another log for the fire to warm all up. And, well, there is likely changes of attire upstairs for our guests. Please, do sit and settle in. Or await the staff to bring new clothes."

The shouting princess earns a grin from Medeia. "Denica!" Her response is less shouty, but still vibrant. Thea gets a wave in return as that glass of wine she'd sought out is found. "Tino, my dear, it is wretched." The lady tries to cover the truth with her winning smile, but it truly is wretched. "Luc, hello," She greets Lucita, handing the baroness a glass of wine for herself. "Come warm up."

Shaking her hair a little, water drops spray, but this is of course after she hugs Thea. When Lucita arrives she smiles warmly at the woman as well, "this was a good reason to make the journey. It is lovely to see everyone," and with that she is looking for some wine. Taking a glass, she gives Martino a warm smile, "did you cork it yourself?," she asks trying to hold back a good-natured snicker. "Thank you for the hospitality," she says more sincerely. "It is a great time to be amongst friends."

Thea squints at Martino. "You can't hear it? Did you lose your hearing on top of getting old?" She grins as she somewhat teases her brother. "I feel' like I haven't seen anyone since the last battle, as I was home recovering. Next thing I know--the weather went to shite."" Taking a sip of her wine, she now asks,"How is everyone?"

Lucita says, "Thank you. I should be alright though.Just the cloak and slippers got wet. We are just across the square so it was too short a distance to use a carriage." She smiles and then makes her way around the group distributing hugs and kisses to friends and family, a respectful bow and a saucy wink toward Martino. "Is this a dinner before we go to pray that this wretched storm eases off?""

"Make it, perhaps, two logs. Also blankets. We should have *lots* of blankets." Leaning from Ariella to the servant at his side, Martino is sending Johannes off on two tasks. Some things certainly never change. "A dinner before prayers, before we see this storm is gone. I do, truly, hope that those in the Lowers are also able to escape out the rain." Leaning back in his seat, cradling that glass of wine as he is swirling it slowly, "Sadly not, Denica. Time not allowing with this search about information on artefact's." Pursing his lips as Thea is teasing him, flickering his lips in her direction as he juts to her, "Experienced and wise. That's what I am." Well one of two maybe.

"But, Medeia, have you had much time with vinyards? I think I saw you were perhaps... hosting something soon?"

As people begin to filter in, Ariella rises from her chair for a few reasons. First, to curtsy respectfully to the arriving Princess Denica, then to intercept her twin sister for a lengthy long-time-no-see embrace. "Luci," she murmurs, squeezing the woman tightly before releasing her to go about her wine and greetings. As she turns, she notices Thea and bows her head respectfully, keeping quiet and, for some reason, attempting to remain beneath her notice on her way to scurry back to her seat beside Martino. As she arrives there, she flashes a smile Medeia's way and remarks, "My Lady. Glad you made it," before settling on in. If she missed anyone, no she didnt! She greeted them, too, promise.

Medeia smirks when Martini refers to himself as experienced and wise. "And let no one say otherwise." There's laughter in her voice, but she keeps from laughing outright. After a sip from her glass, she nods to his point. "Ah, yes. The people of Saikland loved the Vineyard games when held them a couple of years ago. Sadly, the war kept us all preoccupied last summer. So, this year, we are bringing the games back!" She looks around at all the guests, "You are all welcome to come, of course. No need to play in the games! It is quite the spectacle for those who wish to be entertained while drinking good wine." And Saikland wine is good wine, she makes sure of it. "It will be nice to get back to the Lyceum for a little while."

"I will be headed over to the shrine soon for prayer, but I wanted to stop by and take a moment to be with friends. And maybe warm up before going back in that terrible weather," she breathes out slowly, something about it makes her a little nervous, or unsettled. Taking a long sip of her wine, she enjoys the flavour of it. There's a nod to Thea about the last battle and then she looks between them, "I think that was the last time many of us were together," she says with another slow breath. But, then there is talk of vineyards and more pleasant things and the little angsty princess smiles again and looks at Medeia to find out if this is the case. "I would love to come this year," she says with certainty.

Lucita says, "I likely will follow you, or ride with you if you have a closed carriage, and there is room. Much as I enjoy the company here, this storm seems to call for all of us to pray together."

Thea gives a waggle of her eyebrows at Johannes. Clearly he's her favorite as she settles in her seat. There's an amused smirk at Martino at his reference, but she doesn't say anything. "This weather really is a bit---odd." As iff on que, there's a loud clap of thunder. "Calo and Mia aren't fans of the thunder at present, so no one is sleeping."

Lucita checked dexterity + alchemy at difficulty 9, rolling 8 higher.

"I mean we could play in the games." Turning his chin towards Ariella, Martino's head is tilting as he asks Medeia, "Do you know what they are yet? Clearly by getting old, I am also forgetting a couple of years ago." Flicking his lips up into wry, little, smile in Thea's direction after her earlier jabs.

The staff from Malvici are starting to bring food across. Setting it before people, layering it around on fine plates. Silver forks. Duchy-quality bits-and-pieces needed for a formal dinner.

"Really, not one of them? Fortunately Arsenia and the others are down in Southport. Away from /this/ and likely enjoying the sun. The heat." Inhaling deeper at that before a long sigh is drawing out from Martino's chest.

The princess chews on her lip and looks at Thea, "I am not convinced this is natural, especially after storms in the Mourning Isles, or how...things were resolved," she breathes out but doesn't elaborate, because this is a dinner party, and Denica reminds herself repeatedly not to talk too much doom and gloom. Then she blinks a bit, "games? Aren't we always playing games?," she grins and then she takes a sip of her wine.

Lucita says, "I don't think any of us think it is natural, not as many days as it has been going on. What has it been, a week now?""

"We would be thrilled to have you visit, Princess," Medeia says to Denica. There's a wistful sigh that passes the lady's lips when Martino mentions the Lyceum's heat. "Gods, I miss that. The sunlight warming you through completely." The mention of how the battle of Sungreet came to a close causes her expression to darken with a sudden flash of grief, but she quickly composes herself. Her lips stay pressed thin a moment longer before she looks over at Thea. "We should get the children all together, soon. Perhaps we can send them all to Aouthport for the summer?" A glance to Martino. "I would send nannies to assist, of course."

No doubt the palest person in the room, with paper-white skin the talk of sun doesn't quite interest Denica the same way. But, adventure? Travel? Somewhere that isn't pouring rain with foreboding disaster might be nice. Yet, the princess seems to be drawn to chaos, so maybe she's right where she ought to be. "It would be nice to travel for something that isn't...well to slit someone's throat." Denica is really trying to be pleasant, but well, people are who they are.

"No holiday is complete without slitting someone's throat," Ariella is chiming in from behind her goblet, having fallen quiet after her greetings. She takes another lengthy sip of wine before her gaze slides slowly toward Martino, a nod offered regarding whether they can play games at this event being discussed.

Lucita says, "It is getting time that some of the older children begin making lengthy visitations to other houses and making friends, learing there. Not a real fostering, that comes in two years, but still would be good for them. Right, Ariella? You'd take them to Granato and show them their cousins and all around there, yes? Cousin Quenia and Luis are too busy to do that, I think.""

"You'd send nannies,"Thea asks, her gold-flecked green eyes impish. "I'd just let the man suffer." She wouldn't. "But yes. It's time to visit with the children, and I'm pretty sure Drake is ready to go too. He likes the Training Academy. Thea hears Denica and she offers her a reassuring smile. "Wait---what sort of games are we discussing? Drowning, tripping...."

"Drowning would be an easy one, given all the water outside," Denica offers warmly and cheerful. Then she looks at the others, "I need to slip out and set up at the Shrine," she tells them. "If you feel like braving the weather later, please come join us. We will be building a shelter there," she explains and then walks over to bar and Denica takes the WHOLE WINE BOTTLE and wanders out with it. Cause, desperate times.

Denica is overheard praising Martino: Marvelous Malvici

Stojan, a cleverly reserved assistant, 3 Thrax Guards, 1 Ulbran Thug, Sivas, an artsy ostentatious curator, Lady Snow, 1 Thrax Elite Guards, Cato, a stealthy non-descript man leave, following Denica.

"I don't mind if you all want to have some freedom and send them off together. After all, for some, last time they saw each other was." Turning his head and hand towards the large wall mural, Martino was adding "Probably for that from Denica's time painting them." A wave of his fingertips soon as he is drawing back to the room. "Only one of your holidays. On that ship of yours." Flicking a faint smirk in Ariella's direction before nodding to Medeia. "The games will be in... Saikland? Please? At least it is closer than ever-raining Arx."

"Not without supervision," Ariella grins at Lucita, one of her brows arching high. She loves her sister's children immensely, but she is not what you'd call a 'kid person'. "I'm happy to drive the boat, but someone else needs to be in charge of three wains. You coming, too?"

"Definitely in Saikland." Medeia is sure to reassure Martino about that. "If that is alright, I can send them along to Southport after the games. They should spend some time among... Family... First." She shifts slightly, setting down her empty wine glass and making sure she eats something hot and nourishing. "I think it will be good for them, after all the turmoil in the Isles.,c

Lucita gives Ariella a side-long glance. "The older ones can likely fend for themselves long as you herd them, the way Mom had to herd you. You should remember that and be excellent at spotting trouble and helping avoid it." She grins at her twin. "I know you have not forgotten. Jatal can accompany the middle set of twins but the youngest are too young. they can go in six or seven years." She extends the grin to Medeia. "Be careful Ariella does not give your youngsters 'ideas' for mischief.

"Definitely in Saikland." Medeia is sure to reassure Martino about that. "If that is alright, I can send them along to Southport after the games. They should spend some time among... Family... First." She shifts slightly, setting down her empty wine glass and making sure she eats something hot and nourishing. "I think it will be good for them, after all the turmoil in the Isles." (fixed)

Sucking his lips into his mouth as Lucita's tease towards her twin, Martino is glancing towards Ariella with a crease to the corners of his eyes. "Agreed, Lucita. Terrible ideas for mischief if I recall hearing what it was like in Igniseri before." Swirling his wine, as he is taking the chance to take a sip down, Martino hums at the flavour of the red, "I do like that idea though. Heading down on the same ship. Avoiding anything going too wrong also giving them all the chance to learn a little bit about how the ropes all work."

Thea glances at Ariella in amusement then back at Martino. "If it helps, my brothers and cousins used to have to do that to me." Note she didn't say mother. "I'll send them after the games as well. I've been teaching Calo a little about sailing and this will give him a chance to learn more." Gods help the sailors really.

"That is settled, then," Medeia leans back in her seat and rests for a few quiet moments. She glances over at Ariella with the talk of mischief. She smiles softly before looking at Lucita. "They have enough bad influence from Neilda. And their father. And... Well, I am going to have rambunctious children. There is no escaping it."

Lucita says, "I think children are born that way. You should have seen some of the messes they get into. They wanted to show Talwyn what snow was like since he spent winter in Saikland. They filled his boots with snowballs, confident they would last till he got home to see the surprise.""

Ariella narrows her eyes good-naturedly as everyone conspires to make her herd children around, and she huffs out a raspberry in Lucita's direction before giving Martino some side-eye. "Alright. We'll set up a voyage once these storms pass. I'm sure Duke Malvici will enjoy another visit to Granato, it has been too long." Apparently Martino is coming, too. "He can keep them out of the rigging." There is a smile to follow, toward Medeia and Thea, eyebrows rising higher. "The more adults the merrier, however!"

"Really, I wouldn't mind the visit at all, Ariella." Leaning over his chair's arm, Martino's lips are drawing up into a wry smile towards Ariella. The corners of those green eyes crinkling in as the rings worn on one hand tap upon the glass of his wine. "There never was Deia. Hope was never on your side."

With some more time passing, with dinner being traded for deserts and more wines. All the things needed for the group to get food, or stuffed, before Martino is sending Johannes off to (another job) fetch the carriage.

Thea has left the a steel-edged table inlaid with an ebony Raptor.

Ariella is overheard praising Martino.

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