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Bar Brawl: Choices were made..

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Feb. 26, 2023, 10 p.m.

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Herja's Room

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Violeta Emili, tall and shadowed rivenshari, Tregva Emili, a colorful ravashari performer arrive, following Mattheu.

Traders is busting at the seams tonight! The tavern is a typically popular spot, but it feels as half the city is drunk within it's confines. So far, the room feels merry.. boisterous.. loud.. and drunk. Is someone singing? Ugh. They are terrible.

Raja has managed to get a rather prime seat at the bar. It's a coveted seat tonight. In front of her is a bottle of whiskey that is nearly empty. She laughs with some joke said to her by one of the thugs that she keeps company with. Raja is in a relaxed mood, but the energy around her amps her up a bit. "Kriel. You are going to die early if you keep up shit like that. Your kids will have to look to Torian for sage fatherly advice. You and I /both/ know how terrible of an idea that is." she pauses and furrows her brows. "Oh by the gods! Would someone PLEASE stop strangling that cat!"

Jan stiffly shuffles in looking wearied and as if it has been a long day already. Raja is given a grin and wave while Jan hunts for a seat of her own at the bar.

Mattheu is at the front of two 'assistants' and a could of the laughable "mini bosses" before having to deal with him. There's a few rumors of Redrain guards having to deal with them all so he could get close to someone... Who? The jingly Rivenshari Lord is not divulging who. Good luck there. The 'assistants' Sisters. Tregva and Violeta enter the tavern first, making a path for their charge Mattheu behind them. The Rivenshari Guards behind them all finding a seat at the closest table to the door while the sisters make their way through the crowd to a table near the hearth, leaving their charge to make his own way through the crowd to the bar. Only to stop behind Raja with a grin, "I haven't forgotten our deal. I lost fair and square, and I owe you a sail upon a ship." He grins for a moment while reaching to the bar to order a few whiskies for the table that the others have claimed.

Cillian comes walking into the tavern blinking, he has never seen it this packed before. His eyes scanning over those here. His guards move in near him and he waves them off to go find a sweat, perhaps moving over to the Rivenshari guards that sit near the door. He spots the sisters as they move through the crowed, a smirk comes to his lips as he moves further in spotting Jan. He nods a greeting to her, "Lady Jan." he says to her, his accent a thick Northern one. Further in he goes, he spots Mattheu his smirk widens as he walks past him a small shoulder bump his given as me moves past. He nods to Raja as well as he walks past to find a seat to sit down.

Jan gets a whiskey and nods to

Nearby, the singing stops and suddenly there are sobs heard. Someone's feelings got hurt. Then, some guy decides to be a righteous defender of the poor, unfortunate singer. A large man stands up and turns towards Raja, "You apologize. Now." Then from further into the crowd, "Yeah! It's her birthday!"

Raja spins to greet Jan first and lifts her bottle, the liquid sloshing slightly with the motion. "Hi there!" Then to Mattheu, she beams a smile. "And Caspian owes me a party. Maybe he can host a party on the ship at the same time!" She goes to take another drink before looking back to the large man demanding an apology. Then to the face in the crowd, she laughs. "Happy birthday! Your singing is still terrible." Then she glares at the large man. "I am not apologizing. So fuck off." she lifts her hand and gives a wiggle finger farewell motion. It really is condescending.

Jan gets a whiskey and nods to Cillian "Lord Cillian. Raja. I have to come by your shop sometime." She looks over and grins "How about a round for the birthday party on me, eh?" Less an attempt to defuse anything and more out of habit at hearing someone is now a year closer to death.

Mattheu grins in return to Raja, "Caspian can come with, and we should include Cillian then too. The dangers of those two will protect us and our drinking." There's a glance towards the bards as he holds his hands up to them. "I'm sure we can find a better direction to go here. What about a drink? I'm sure Violeta has a few bottles of the infamous Rivenshari liqueurs on her?" He looks to the older of the sisters that follow him for the moment, while also rolling up his sleeves

One can see the immediate flash of anger cross over the man's face. His paler complexion turns nearly apple red in a mere moment. The man steps forward into an agressive stance. Others at the rather large table rise up to join his side, especially when the other Cullers in the room rise up. Someone in the group calls out, "Too late for drinks! Now we teach this scum a lesson!"

CHAOS ENSUES!! Bodies fly at each other and immediately, a chair is in the air from somewhere!

As bodies suddenly begin to clash, Raja is immediately too her feet and that bottle that she was drinking from is thrown toward the large man. It harmlessly bounces off his chest, splashing perfectly good whiskey upon his face. "Come at me big boy! Ha!" Laughter immediately spills from her as she launches herself at the man.

Cillian looks over as he hears Jan, "I hope you are well." he then hears his name again, looking over at Mattheu ha! he looks over as voices get loud. "Oh for!" Cillian yells out as he spots the chair in the air and he is not sitting down, nope his silk sleeves are being rolled up.

Jan bobs her head mildly "Oh I'm well, thank you." She grabs her whiskey and ducks and then straitens up, shuffling a few feet out of the way to watch the floor show, keeping an eye on Raja in case her new friend needs back up. "Lord Mattheu, good evening, mind your step. Flying chairs and dancing diggleberries abound."

As the chaos breaks out the elder of the sisters that follow Mattheu Rivenshari pushes her chair back and tilts her head to crack at the neck, then looking to the Cullers in the room. Pointing to them as her younger sister stands and looks ready to start throwing punches. "We have no beef with the Cullers." Violeta looks to the bards, "You however..." Tregva winks towards Cillian and blows him a kiss while she then dives head first into a group of locals that look as if they were more than ready to leave their table and whatever was about to conspire alone. Though now they have a Ravashari performer wrapped to their table and ready to throw knives at any that are stupid enough to eyeball her. Mattheu stands by the bar and leans back upon the bar with a grin while the fight starts up. Looking over to Raja, "Sure you don't want that drink now?" Then towards Cillian and his guards, "Hello Cill." A nod to Jan, "Tis a lovely evening," while he continues to lean to the bar and any of the fighting that is starting to take place as Violeta strolls over to the bards and starts to swing a punch. "Lady Jan. Care for a drink?"

The Culler thugs all go at it like wild creatures escaping the abyss. There are zero rules followed. Nothing is sacred! This of course has the other team quite enraged at this point! Fists are flying! Teeth are rolling across the floor. There may even be spritzes of red here and there. Though one guy who was near the bar overhears Jan. "WHO YOU CALLING A DIGGLEBERRY!"

Raja checks luck at normal. Raja marginally fails.

Jan looks up and drains her whiskey "Everyone up and swinging their fists like dingleberries swaying in the wind." she informs Mr. Indignant. She grins to Mattheu "Got one but won't say no to another one if you're offering."

Raja brawls with the man, playing just as dirty as the other Cullers! She punches and claws and basically plays to win. However, the enraged drunkard she is fighting is not an easy bloke to bring down! He finds an opening in Raja's assault and lays a haymaker right in her face! She falls back across the bar, knocking over drinks with a wet, clattering clash!

While the Sisters take to laying a few out there

Cillian looks over as Tregva winks at him and blows him a kiss, he chuckles shaking his head. He moves back down to stand closer to Mattheu, "Hey you, come here often?" he asks the Rivenshari as he orders himself a whiskey and looks to Jan, "You should never say no to a drink." he looks over as a body hits a table and he winces, "Well, that looked like it hurt." he smirks.

While the Sisters take to laying a few out there's still the odd Culler that is *Really Good* at crossing into their path. Violeta simply head butts those that are in the way, there's no worry of who it is, which team they might be on, and Sure As Fuck doesn't care if they are Culler or not. They got in her way, they are getting punched, kicked in the nads, and bitten! Her sister Tregva climbs across a table, leaps over another. grabbing at a drink the process. Taking the mug down in a large gulp then smashing it over the head of whoever is in the way. The actual hired Rivenshari guards watch the chaos of the fight take place, and appear to be taking bets on who will end up on top, while keeping an eye upon their charge, one, Mattheu Rivenshari - who appears to be at the bar talking up a few of the nobles. Mattheu nods to Cillian with a smirk as he hands a Rivenshari *TOTALLY NOT STOLEN DRINK* to Jan. "This is one of the brandies we have."

Mattheu takes Rivenshari Blackcurrant and Apple 'Conazepl' brandy from Coiling ropes chest.

Jan checks strength and brawl at normal. Jan is successful.

Mr. Indignant is right! The man huffs up and moves in to show her! His hands go out to grasp at the collar of her garments in an attempt to shove her soundly!

While sprawled across the bar, Raja turns her head to look to Mattheu and then to the bottle. "Save some for me.. Kinda.." Meathy hands grab her by her own collar as she gets yeeted back up. "Busyyyyy!" Thunk. Thud. This time, the large man goes down! It's an eye for an eye sort of fight here!

Mattheu checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Mattheu is successful.

Mattheu checks dexterity and brawl at hard. Mattheu is marginally successful.

Jan winces and is up when Raja gets clobbered "Hey You greasy turd-muncher! Why don't you pick on someone your own size!" She grabs Mr. Indignant's wrist and twists it, forcing his arm strait behind him and steering him away from the bar, "Noo, you will not be trying to damage all this sweet, innocent booze, Pouty Pants. Baaack to your table."

Cillian checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Botch! Cillian fails completely.

Mattheu is quick to save the bottle of Rivenshari 'Conazepl' from the fights itself, though is also not keen enough to put the bottle down after pouring some of it out into a glass for Jan, as the bottle itself finds the head of Mr. Turd-munching Indignant while Jan works to send him back to his table

Cillian standing there ready to pick up his drink to sip it when a fist comes his way, he is not quick enough to realize it was coming he was watching Jan and Mattheu. The Northern lord is clocked in the jaw and it sends him stepping back a step seeming a little dazed at the fact he was just sucker punched.

Mr Indignant was QUICKLY put back into his place! The man yelps in pain and lets out a string of not very nice curses along the way. Blood pours from his head and he has pretty much given up most of the fight by the time they get to the table. He settles down and simply decides the he is one of the diggleberries Jan was talking about earlier. One by one the contestents of this tragedy begin to fall, groaning in pain somewhere in the Trader's Tavern. Among them is Raja and the man she had been brawling. "Daddy! You always ruin my birthday!" The would-be musician spins on her heels and marches out the tavern in haughty entitlement.

Jan checks strength and brawl at hard. Jan is successful.

Jan checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Jan is successful.

Mattheu presents a drink to Jan that has a wiff of blackcurrants and apples while he nearly drops the glass into her hands, we can only hope she's paying attention and catches the glass as Mattheu is quick to step forwards to Cillian as the Norther lord nearly falls to the grimy floor of the tavern. "Cillian?" Mattheu tries his best to catch the man as he now is looking around to who threw the punch only left to laugh as Tregva and Violeta make their way through the crowd. Tregva stops in front of the child yelling at the instigator. With a broken Ravashair-Avarni accent "Oh. Child. Who broke this for you?" Violeta however appears to be in the groove of a long awaited fight and starts to simply bash people out of their seats and kick them to the floor while stealing their drink and looking over rim of cup to the Cullers. "I ain't a beef with yous! Which one now?"

Jan is tall in general but for a woman she is quite tall and her shoulders are broad which gives her an air of menace when she whips around and points at the jackass who's dazed Cillian "You! You piss guzzling goat-groper! You've torn it now!" She barrels towards him, ducking when he swings and drives her shoulder against his chest, one hand comes up as the man's knocked off his feet to steer the man's head against the bar with enough voice that glasses shudder but probably nothing gets wrecked. Maybe.

Cillian checks composure at hard. Cillian is successful.

Cillian would have fallen on his ass if it not been for Mattheu, he leans into the man blinking as he tries to get his barring, "Oww! That fucking hurt!" he growls out. Its as if time had slowed down, but not is back to normal as he stands back up. His jaw is already starting to bruise, his hand moves to touch it. "The actual fuck." he looks to Mattheu blinking as he is not sure how he ended up in the Rivensharis' arms. "My drink, where did my drink go?" he frowns as he tries to get back up to his feet and lean against the bar holding onto it licking his lips seeming to be able to keep his calm for the moment.

The true source of all this chaos is blatantly revealed by the teenager. A gloved hand points to a rather wealthy silk-laden merchant. The man sits there, guarded by two guards similarly dressed as the others at the table. She then turns to leave! She wants nothing to do with these shenanigans no further! The man sighs and lifts his hands up in defeat. "Teenagers!" He laments. Tregva now has a primary target should they desire.

The man that had punched Cillian now learns that he should not have punched Cillian. Not only did he get owned, but his bell rung too! He finds his head bounce off the bar, only to feel nothing else for the rest of the evening.

More and more brawlers give in to fatique or unconsciousnous until the room is quiet again.

Jan says, "Are you alright Lord Cillian? Raja?"

The chaos of the fight settled with a teenager screaming at her father, leaves three different directions for the Rivenshari. One. Mattheu looks with a nod and raise of his drink, or what's left of it towards the teenager leaving. As he then sets in to seek out if he's got another bottle of the Rivenshari brandies available to share with Cillian and Jan, and Raja if she's up for it. Two. Tregva sits back as a worthy opponent has been identified. She settles in to sitting atop of the table that she's nearest and stealing... um borrowing the pitcher of ale that is before her. Now watching her older sister. Three. Violeta turns mid hammering some thug in the balls with rise of her knee to turn to the parent that is now calling out 'teenagers', Calling across the tavern as she points to him, "Oh. You didn't! You? You caused all of this? You caused that poor child anguish?!" Violeta steps up to the table pushing any guards out of the way with a slip of her finger and stare of a woman scorned. 'That' TRY ME. Look. Then to stop directly before his table. "YOU WILL GO OUTSIDE AND APOLOGIZE TO THE CHILD!" A jingling shake of her head, "Or so help me. I will send you outside through the window."

Cillian nods his head, his bells giving a song as he does. "Yeah, that side of my face is going to hurt for a while." he tries to touch it again and winces, he looks to Matti and hopes that he has another bottle on him. He looks over at the sisters, "Hey, I do as he tells you." he calls over to the man Violeta is going off on. "Or I'll help me." he squints his eyes looking in their direction watching.

The man slowly rises from his place where he sits. A slender hand smooths out the eloquent silks across his attire. "Oh, but of course. I would not dare to wish anguish upon my pride and joy. However, should your friend over there had not insulted her to begin with, none of this would have happened." Of course he means Raja who is one of the exhausted brawlers with one eye beginning to swell closed. Raja just gives him a dismissive wave and moves to pull herself back up. Glancing to Jan, she gives the other woman a thumbs up.

Jan watches Cillian and chortles "Don't get into many fights eh, Lord Cillian? Lord Mattheu, you alright?" She side eyes Raja "You're gonna be fielding intrusive questions for a few days at least."

Violeta is left to hold her stare at the man and his silks. "Dryfooted silk. All alike. Pushing the blame upon those that work hard for a living." The Rivenshari guard looks to the Cullers with a nod, then pointing at them. "I don't have a beef with them as they work every day upon their decks. You? No. You bring your daughter to a tavern. Want her to learn? Try a few open air locations. Try learning how to perform before a crowd with pickpockets and thieves left to wander through your audience, and you're left to blame for their actions." Violeta holds herself against the silken noble while her younger sister flashes a grin from the table that she sits upon.

Mattheu helps Cillian to his feet and offers the drink that he put down to the man as he then looks to Jan. "Why?" He nods to Raja, "Why will she be questioned?" He doesn't even bother with his own 'assistants' that are now threatening some random father.

Jan says, "Pretty sure she's gonna have a hell of a shiner from that smack she took first thing. Maybe it's not the same for men but if a woman walks around beat to shit she never hears the fucking end of it."

Cillian breaths in taking the drink for Mattheu nodding to him, "Thanks." he says and takes a long pull from it, there we go his body starts to relax, "I try not to get into tavern brawls if I can help it Lady Jan." he looks to Raja. "I think she will be able to handle it just fine." he seen Raja in action, he nods to her.

Mattheu looks to Jan with a tilt of his head, "Is that how the Compact sees it? We've always been equal opportunity upon the rivers. Show a shiner and you've been in a fight. Few try to question it after that." He grins with a new shake of his head as he looks to Cillian, "Granted few will question if the other is still standing." He then lets out a low whistle, "Viol. Let the man go and collect your sister before she drinks that table from house and home."

There is a long pause as the man looks to the dangerous women, to his groaning lackies, then to all the faces glowering at him. "I will immediately go and apologize to her." Then, the man turns on his heels and walks out with head held high.

Raja grunts and handwaves. "I'm gonna be fine. I live in the Lowers. Ain't nobody gonna even notice." In fact, in a show of good sportsmanship, she turns and offers the self-righteous man a hand back to his feet. "You a goon huh. work for that bastard? Poor bloke." She helps dust him off.

Jan says, "Of course she can. First time I've seen her fight when I wasn't eyeballs deep. Now where's that brandy?"

Cillian looks at Mattheu when he speaks nodding his head, "Does it look bad?" he turns his face to that side to show him, "My face is throbbing." he downs his drink and sighs, his eyes look to to Violeta and Tregva. "Well good think it was just a glass of whiskey, I had to have been mad if it was a bottle I lost." he sighs.

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